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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The mystery of the missing eye!

I know you won't believe this but....I'm sitting at a local coffee shop with Roofus (my computer) and my Shug (say like Sugar-use a southern slang). I read this James Patterson book a couple of weeks ago and it seems I've been a bit jumpy ever since reading it. His books always scare me, but once I start one, I can't stop. I even got up the other night, when home alone, and locked the bedroom door! I thought, well it is getting close to Halloween and maybe it's all in my mind. Then, I read this blog (Bugged & The Mystery of the Missing Eye) and now I truly believe I'm being stalked! Could I be the mysterious blogger? I don't thing so, really. All I've ever been is a beekeeper and a gardener. But that pile of 'stuff' in her picture looks conspicuously like the same pile of garden stuff my parents gave me when they moved! And the missing eye from the tree....well, we have a missing eye on our tree. The thing is, the last time I reached in the ground cover to pick it up, I got poison ivy! So I asked my Shug...would you see if our tree eye is in the ivy? He did. It wasn't! Where could it be? Do you think the Queen took my tree eye? Could her Scribe not keep her in line?

And what is going on here? GASP! Do you think...could it be?

Here's lookin' at you Queen...

I really feel I must hurry out of here...before I'm found, but I also feel I must show you my Sand and Sea blanket progress....

Not bad for a beginner huh?


  1. HHHmmmmm I posted a comment and it didnt show up...I see your hanging out at....Starbucks?
    That Angel statue is creepy, and the eye is scary, indeed. I feel bad that your being stalked...hehe...Never turns out good in the movies....Keep your "eyes" open..

  2. Ok. I'm officially spooked by these mysterious events....... Eyeballs? Bees? Queens? Traveling Coffee Shop Vagabonds?? I'm stayin home under the blankets til this sitchiation is cleared up.

  3. I LERVE SCANDAL!!!! Perfect time of the year for the heebie jeebies to lurk around...


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