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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teresa's Treasures

Today I'm sitting in a local coffee shop downloading pics and such to my blog. It's so peaceful and quiet in here. I love it. I love coffee shops, and coffee, and latte's....

See the bag against the wall. It is what Roofus lives in. He loves it. He absolutely refused the pink vera bag. I don't blame him. This one is much more manly.

Here are some more of Teresa's Treasures in her booth at the Treasure Mart. I've decided when I post pics of her stuff or her booth, I'm going to title it Teresa's Treasures. She calls her booth My Heart's Desire.

She did the crafty work on the plates.
That's all for now folks!



  1. your a local legend now...The mysterious woman with the weathered leather bag ....hanging out in the local coffee shops...blogging about life.

  2. Hi Queen,

    Mysterious woman with weathered leather bag sitting at Panera right you think anyone knows it's me? Should I blog about the conversation going on right beside me? You know.....I never realized how much other people can hear, until I got Roofus and started blogging at coffee shops. BTW-what poo stories was TH speaking of in her last comment? I have no idea! Cindy Bee


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