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Monday, April 29, 2013

Crochet update

  I wanted to give you a crochet update two weeks ago, and I'm just now getting to it. It seems I cannot keep up lately.  I need a routine.  I have none.  Another subject for another time.

This is Barb's pillow.  She was running a tad behind us.  As you recall we were doing a crochet-a-long, and some (ahem) crocheted ahead rather than along...and then Barb....well, she crocheted behind! (teehee)

 And here are our finished pillows...minus Barb's...because that is hers above.  
Unfinished...but getting there.

 This is an Alexandra Mackenzie pattern...and she had a crochet-a-long on facebook and we all joined in.

 I think they turned out great.
This is "K"s pillow.
 This is my pillow.
 This is Groovy Girl's
 And I happened to do the buttons correctly...(just though I'd throw that in)

 Then we made these owls.

 Aren't they hilarious?  I must say, I missed crochet group when these were made, so I made a couple of them at home...and I got mercilessly made fun of.  Or at least my owl did.
He is so much bigger than the other owlettes.  We got this pattern from Bunny Mummy.

And while I'm showing you crochet projects, I thought I'd give you a ripple update.
And I have to admit I'm so glad I'm a yarn hoarder, because the other day I needed more white, and I had it in my stash! This ripple pattern came from Lucy at Attic 24 (see my side bar).  And Mel (Day to Day - side bar again) got me motivated to get it back out and get busy on it.  She had a crochet a long.  Love those crochet a longs!
And lastly...
Last week, Groovy Girl Yarn had a lot of sales.  And Cascade 220 was on sale for 20% off!  I've looked at that yarn since I started my ripple months ago
....and when it went on sale, I took it as a sign....
so I bought the colors I was going to buy for my ripple originally, before I changed my mind and bought the colors above... (did that make sense?)
And now I'm trying to decide what to make with it.  It'll be another blanket.
I don't know if you remember this book, but it had a pattern in it that I really liked.
It's not this striped blanket, but I do like this.  And it would be easy to do.  Simple garter (knit) stitch.  Just turn your computer sideways to see what it looks's too late to fiddle with the picture!

This is the afghan that I really liked.  Thing is....I don't know if I'd be up to all of that color changing and crocheting those squares together. 

Here is another pattern I found...
And although I love this one, I read the pattern and every one of those squares are four triangles sewn together....not gonna happen.

Do you have any ideas for a knitted or crocheted blanket with several colors of yarn?  I have time to research and I've been looking through books.  I just really like having a blanket going while I'm watching tv in the evening.  Something simple, that I don't have to pay a lot of attention to details.  Lemme' know.

Cindy Bee


  1. Love, love, love all those cushions!

    Sorry, I don't have any blanket suggestions for you - I've only made two and one was just stripes of single crochet (so boring and way too many ends to deal with) and the second was complicated and I had to concentrate a lot, so not really a TV-watching project (although I can send you the pattern if you want it).

  2. Oh I do love those pillows and the owls. I am so happy you are creating away.
    Love that striped blanket it would make an awesome patter to work on for you. Bright colours very cool. Since I can't do any of it I will not give you any advice just keep going and be happy:) Hug B

  3. Oh wow! A lot of lovely crocheting for our eyes! Love the cushions and the owls! Went to pin the owls in case I wanna try. Your ripple is gorgeous! I just finished the youngest grandson's ripple for his first birthday. It is too big for him and he will not be able to drag it around but I think it will cover his crib mattress and it is the colors I helped paint his room. I will post in a week or so after his party. I have been eyeing this blog thinking this would be a fun project but you might want to just use your left over yarns for it. A different stitch each row. The problem of course is you need to adjust things so they end up even at the end of the rows so maybe not so easy. But a great way to learn new stitches.

  4. Cindy, I missed this post...I have to tell you, I love all the pillows and the spreads. You ladies can take a bow...fantastic.xoxo,Susie


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