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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blogging Break

 Hi Peeps. 
Gotta tell you something. 
As though it isn't obvious enough, I'm taking a blogging break. 
Not that I'm tired of blogging...not at all.  And I hope it doesn't last too long....but here's the deal.  I've taken a break without saying it out loud anyway.  And I miss reading about what you all are up to. I try to read your blogs on my phone when I go to bed at night, before I fall asleep.  Lately, I've been falling asleep the minute I sit in the chair for a few minutes of tv and crocheting.

 As most of you know we started building our own home on some land we own two and a half years ago. We broke ground September 2010.  We had the foundation poured and the framing done and we had it put under roof.  We are building the rest ourselves.   If you don't know about it, you can click on the button to the right that says something about our construction progress.
We have moved into one room in our basement, in the country.  I don't mind living in one room.  But what I do mind is the fact that our house in town is not ready to sell.

And we have been working like crazy to get this house in town ready to sell.  See these windows....70 of them.  I've lived there 19 years and never counted them! But my Mom and I painted the outside Friday and the inside Saturday.  Looks pretty good huh?  THANK YOU MOM!
 We've been waiting for the temperature to get above 50 degrees and stay above 35 at night.  Finally, it has happened.  Longest winter I can remember....probably because I wanted this house on the market by March 1.  Deadlines....why do I set them.

 The inside was harder than the outside. 
 When I'm not painting, I'm cleaning and emptying the inside of the house.  This is another room in our house with a lot of windows, luckily this room was not built in the 1940's and it has new windows!  But they needed cleaned.
And when I'm not cleaning, or painting, or emptying, I'm sorting.
  You see, I started cleaning out the house we were living in two years ago, trying to plan ahead and be organized.  I'd pack stuff and put it in this back room at the new house.  Then we'd need it at the old house, so I'd come and dig it out, then I'd pack again...vicious cycle.
Then as some of you know who have been following me for awhile, My Shug's Mom fell and broke her hip.  She moved into a therapy facility and two assisted living facilities.  We moved her three times in two years.  When she finally decided on her final assisted living home, I spent several weeks helping her move all of her stuff out of her condo into her home.  And except for the time Mom and Dad helped me clean out her attic, and Vickie, my cousin, helped me clean her kitchen, I did it alone.

So.... our back room, ended up looking like this....
 And this is where the sorting comes in.  When I'm not cleaning or painting the house in town, I'm emptying boxes, sorting stuff into totes, putting like things together,

 and trying to get the entire back room to look like this.  My Dad helped me the other day with some of this.  THANK YOU DAD.  My friend Marcia helped me get started!  I would stand there looking at stuff and cry.  Thanks Marcia!

(that snoozing bee is a drone-waiting for spring so he can mate-it's all he's good for)

 Now...this is the upstairs of our new house.  You cannot build a house around stuff....but I cannot take stuff from a three level house, two level garage, and a potting shed, and put it in one room in a basement.  Or two big rooms in a basement.  IT doesn't work.  I'll figure this out later.  One day at a time.

 And while I'm explaining the life and times of building a house on your own, and trying to get a house ready to sell on your own, I might as well explain this.....This is the upstairs of the house we are building (and living in)  See the sun shining in through the upstairs.  It's not completely enclosed.  Birds can come in through the trusses.  COLD CAN COME IN THROUGH THE TRUSSES.  The only insulated, heated room is the room we are living in.  Because of this long winter, the entire rest of the house is cold.  So, when I'm sorting and rearranging and moving stuff, I wear a coat and gloves.   Jeeeesh Spring - come awwwwn.

As you can imagine, I'm at my wits end.  I've been having little panic attacks.  Other stuff has played a part in this too, such as my husband's company that he works for asking him on Tuesday to go to Italy on Sunday, then on Thursday canceling the trip, then on Friday, approving the trip.  He finally told them no.
I cannot keep living this way.  I'm fried.  So I'm putting everything on hold, including the blog, until the house in town is up for sale. I hope to have it for sale by next Saturday.  We are really that close.  But I keep trying to live a normal life and do all of this.  Can't do it anymore. 

Here's an idea of our progress...
 This is our garage at the old house.  It's cleaned out except for the HUGE garage sale I'm having next weekend.  It'll be the second sale I've had. 
 This is my potting shed. It's cleaned out, but not up.  We are cleaning it up today.  Shouldn't take long.  Now these pictures look boring and dreary.  But in the summer time this back yard pops!
 It looks like a park. 
Someday I'll try to dig out pics.  But right now...I'm off.....
I've got housework to do.

See ya soon.
Cindy Bee


  1. LOVE that huge room with the windows in your "old" house.

    I can certainly see why you are overwhelmed! You have every right to be. Sure wish I were nearby, I'd do what I could to help. Since I'm not, I'll sending good thoughts your way and pray you get MORE HELP! *HUGS*

  2. Hope you find the energy to get it all done and that the weather starts to warm up some to make it that bit easier (oh, and because I'll be over in St Louis real soon and I like being warm!!). I hate clearing out houses for moving - it's usually bad enough after a couple of years in one place (all we ever mange!), so I can't imagine how much more difficult it is to sort through a house you've lived in for so long. It'll all be over soon though and you can concentrate on the new place. Keep thinking about that!

  3. that is a gorgeous house, you should sell it no problem.

    Gill in Canada

  4. Take a breath! OK? have somewhere to live,eat and sleep...does it really matter if the rest of the house doesn't get done as quickly as you'd like? NO, not when so much else is going on around you. If you try juggling all these balls at the same time,some of them are going to drop and roll away. Take things one by'll get there!
    Love Jane xxx

  5. Whew!! You have me exhausted just reading about your adventures of the last few days. I still need to come see the house you are selling one day when you are there. Text me at 801.557.5934 when you are in the neighborhood and I will come by to see you.

  6. Hi Cindy Bee,
    I will wait patiently for your return,


  7. Omg lady...breathe!!! It will all fall into place.

  8. Oh Cindy I wish I lived closer I would be there helping you and trying to make things easier for you. You have so much stress now. You have to start relaxing and take care of yourself you know all that stress is not good for you.
    You have a beautiful house and soon that darn Spring will be here and everything will start to look much better.
    I am glad you are taking a break there is way to much stuff on your plate to choke down my dear friend. Take care and do know I am at the end of the email if you need to whine and complain.I worry so take care of yourself OK. I will so listen because that is what friends are for.
    Relax and breathe. LOTS of HUGS B


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