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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dancing in the Moonlight

 A few weeks ago I was perusing a blog and I saw the cutest painting.  It was an itty bitty painting.  It reminded me of that song "Dancing in the Moonlight".  So romantic.
I don't even remember how I found this blog, or maybe she found me first, who knows!
But I love Melody Lorraine's blog.  Click here and check it out.
  It was during the time I was really busy and stressed, 
commenting little, not blogging at all, but still perusing blogs.  
Anyway, I wanted that picture, so I asked her if it was for sale.
After e-maling back and forth, I sent her a check and I got this in the mail yesterday.
 First of all, check out the outside of the envelope...above...with a flower and a honey bee on it.  Caauuute!
 Who wouldn't be all excited to get a package like that in the mail!
And look at all of these goodies inside! I only ordered a painting and I got all of this!!

 This bookmark is adorable!  I love this style...reminds me of Beatrix Potter!
 This is a handmade card and she took the time to write a note inside.  When she is famous...I'll have a handwritten note!  
 When I sent her the check for the painting, I quickly enclosed it in an envelope along with an old ledger book I had that was falling apart and popped it in the mail.  That's it.  No cute notes or little odds and ends.  Sorry Melody. 
I knew she liked old ledger papers and she had an old ledger book from her grandmother.  My sale was going to be the first one she wrote in the ledger book!

Would you just look what she made out of the ledger paper.  It's actually long.You can see a better picture of how long it is in the photo above.  I just can't get a good pic of it with my little point and shoot camera.


It's actually twice as long as folds out.

This little painting is adorable.  I am going to frame all of this stuff!

   There were also these cute little stickers enclosed!

And here we go! The reason for this know how you just see something and you just love it instantly.   
Me and my Shug dancing in the moonlight on our new property. 

 Love it!
Cindy Bee

 PS - Note to the Vintage Folk Painter, I think you and her look like you have a lot in common.  Different style of painting I think, but a like for some of the same artists.

PPS - I noticed where Mel from Day to Day blog posted the final ripple a long post.  But I just got this one finished, so I'll post my ripple along next, in a couple of days.  Please check back for ripple progress.  It's coming along.


  1. What a wonderful lot of surprises; good, you deserve it and definitely need it after all the goings on in your neck of the woods lately.

  2. Oh my~ I'm feeling a bit like royalty this morning, with my own blog post!! *blush*blush....
    So glad it arrived safely, and that you are pleased! :)))))

  3. First I just want to say I am so glad you are blogging again! And second, WOW, what a lot of extras you got with your purchase. And it is perfect for you and your hubs! Love it! I see a lot of bunnies cropping up around your home. Have a great week Cindy Bee!

  4. Hope you got the house sorted and that your stress levels are returning to normal. Lovely painting!

  5. OMgosh that is soo cute! And its a perfect piece for all that you have been through to get where you are right now - dancin' in the dark because your daylight hours have been BUSY! lol

    I love artists who paint - I recently picked up a find of an oil painting of a famous thoroughbred, for a song, painted in 1964...ive looked it up and cant find anything about the artist, but I hope somewhere somehow she knows I absolutely love her painting...!

  6. Oh Beautiful she is indeed very talented. I love you and the Shug dancing in the moonlight.
    I LOVE artists I am heading over to check her out. Hope you are getting happier and happier as your life starts to slow down this package is just what you needed. HUGs B

  7. So cute. What a nice presentation...including all those sweet notions! It's the little things that thrill us the most. It certainly made that precious little painting even more special and memorable! Enjoy!

  8. Cindy, I haven't been visiting your site, because I thought you were not blogging for a while...I have been thinking of you and praying you were safe from the floods. Thank God. I went back through your previous was pretty scary wasn't it? I hate that floods have wrecked the lifes of so many. All my family was lucky to stay dry. thank you for keeping your bees high and dry. I know that they are important for our futures.
    I love all the nice goodies you recieved in the picture you bought. It's a sweet picture of you and Shug dancing.:):)xoxo,Susie


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