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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

This year, once again, we went to Mom & Dad's for Easter dinner and then everyone came to our house for dessert and the egg hunt.
  So, my "festivities" started on Saturday with baking and decorating.
 I decided to make cheesecakes.

 Big Mistake. 

I have no idea why they turned out looking like crap, but they did.  Anh mentioned that she heard if I put a shallow pan of water in the oven with the cakes it helps with moisture and they don't crack.

 So I made a few other desserts just in case the cakes tasted like they looked.
 Fortunately, for me, the cheesecakes were yummy.

 Some of my Easter decorations...

 I saw this on a blog, and I cannot remember where, but they took old light fixtures and planted flowers in them.  My Shug had put these in the garage sale pile, and I took them out!  I know I's why I am stressed....too much stuff...but they did turn out cute.  They have screw holes in the glass, so they actually could be hung (by Coral Belle!)

 We also stuffed two HUGE shopping bags full of eggs.
 My Shug hid the eggs...and this is how he hid most of them. 

 It's kind of hard to see them, but they are just laying there on top of the ground
 Before the we went to Mom & Dad's and oh my gosh.....

 lots of food!
 Trent was very fixated on getting his fishing pole ready for fishing!

 See what I mean!
 Now if you remember, on Monday last week we had a huge snow storm with ten inches of snow.  I have to tell you I was sweating this weekend because there is no way I can fit all of these people in one room at the same time.  Especially with the kids. 

Lucky for me the temps reached 55 degrees! And it was sunny!
Thank you God!
 It did rain the night before, and I told everyone to wear boots for the mud.  My Sister's family came very ready for hunting!

Joey and Dylan were ready to hunt eggs too. 
When I walked outside they already had all of the baskets out, and I was informed that I needed more baskets and bigger baskets, or better yet, they prefer bags for next year.
 Chee decided to use the basket that held the baskets, and the boys decided to use the bags that their chairs came in!

I am definitely going to have to make some changes next year.

So my Shug is standing there trying to get everyone's attention to tell them where the eggs are hidden on our property. 

Lorri was already hunting though...
And everyone just took off!  It was hilarious! 

 Jeeeesh Taylor has four baskets!

Adrienne grabbed a grocery bag! 

We put candy, little toys, $1.00 bills, and lottery tickets in the eggs.  Oh yeah, and those necklaces from last year!

After the hunt, the guys took off across the road to go fishing.

The rest of us relaxed while the kids played outside.

And let's not forget to take a moment to remember the real reason for Easter.


Cindy Bee

PS - I'm going to skip Ripple Monday this week


  1. You have such a beautiful family - thank you for taking so many pictures (and knocking yourself out for goodness sake - you are the holiday fairy arent you!) and sharing them here with us orphans :)The joy, and all the activities really shine through your photos!

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it and your family know how to have a GOOD time! Wish we were neighbors. ;)

  3. Your family really does know how to get together and celebrate. ... looks like everyone had fun!

  4. Your family looks wonderful . . . you can feel the love from the photos. I made my first cheesecake this year for a family affair. Steve's nephew the chef was there and he told me that next time to prevent the top from cracking, that when I turn the heat off, I should take a knife and go around the edges before it starts its cool down period. I haven't made another since, only because I can not stop eating. Cheesecake is my number one weakness, when it comes to sweets. Mine was so good, but it did have a crack. My Steve said that the crack made it better because you could tell that it was homemade :)

    My hubby and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary this week and we are having a $25 give-a-way, please come over and get your name in the drawing :)
    No we didn't marry on April fools day, we waited one day, so's not to be joked at for the rest of our lives :)
    Have a marvelous week,
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  5. Cindy, Your Easter looked like the ones we used to have at my parents house. I miss ours so much. Hang on to yours , and enjoy them as long as you possibly can. Everyone had fun and lots of good food. God is good.xoxo,Susie

  6. I love the story of your Easter. It seems so happy and full of fun. The joy of larger family is wonderful.

  7. hi cindy that was a fun easter why did you get my dad's behind instead of his front?


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