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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ladybug Dreams

 You know...when I started a blog, it was on a whim.  I had been reading them for awhile, I had never left a comment on another person's blog, I didn't really understand the whole blogging world.  I just sat down one day and opened a blog.  I remember watching the Martha show one time when she did a whole segment on blogging and everyone in the audience was blogging.  I just didn't get it.  But I opened my blog because I wasn't scrap booking anymore and I thought this would be a way of scrap booking on the computer.  I never gave any thought to making new friends.  Well, the first person to comment on my blog was Brenda, from Ladybug Dreams.  She found me because I actually had commented on Rebekah the City Farm Girl's blog and she followed the trail, as bloggers do.  Brenda  and I have been keeping in touch since.    
 Well, Thursday she was coming through town and she stopped for a visit.  The only bad thing was there wasn't enough time.  Brenda...if you have time on your way back home, call me! 
We went out to eat at a new place in town that serves really good sandwiches at reasonable prices.  I had never been there before, but I'll go back!  The name of it is Pepperwhistles. Here she is in the cabin with the Granny Bee.  
   I wanted her to see where we have our stitchery events.  I also took her by the mansion where we have the Winter Woolen Workshop. 
 Then we went by Groovy Girl Yarn store and some of the Ripple Tuesday girls were there.  There's Barb, and Kathy, and Groovy Girl, and "K".
Brenda was a little overwhelmed with all of the yarn choices and so little time.  I sort of over planned for the amount of time we had.  
Oh and I have to show you the gifts she gave me.  She made this tea pot cozy out of the bee material and she gave me this cute notepad with a beeskep on it.  Sweet!  When she gave it to me my mind was going 100 mph and I didn't even notice it had a beeskep on it.  I'm crazy sometimes.
Anyway, thank you Brenda for stopping by and for the gifts.  I hope you enjoyed your visit and please do come back.

Cindy Bee


  1. How exciting! Glad you girls had a good time. :)

  2. Oh how exciting I can imagine the first time I ever meet you it is going to be wonderful.
    I am so happy you and Brenda had a good be it rushed time. I am glad I found you or you found me I forget. B

  3. I don't know how I started blogging to tell you the truth. I had always heard of blogs and really didn't understand the concept either. But I'm now glad that I do and I've met so many wonderful people, mostly women, who I would love to meet in person one day. You, of course, being one. That is one of my bucket list things to do, meet my bloggy friends in person. :o)

  4. Oh Cindy, I had such a good time! Lunch was wonderful and I am glad we did that first and had such a nice visit. The shops were great but I was starting to feel the crunch and would have enjoyed them more without my time limit. I will have to send you a note to list everyone I managed to see before leaving Sunday morning for home. I was dead tired by time I got home. And I will have to come by your home for sure when the forever living space is finished because I can vision it but will want to see in person. Thank you for being such a good host I had a marvelous time. Just sorry I had to run off so quickly at the end. I just squeaked in minutes before the other family members showed up. Next time you drive through our neck of the woods you must stop by also!

  5. I forgot to say, we had honey on biscuits when I got home Sunday evening and it was sooooo good! Thanks so much!

  6. Cindy, That sounds like a fun time. Too bad it went so fast. Speaking of fast...look how this month is flying by. Hope you are doing fine. Smiles, Susie

  7. What a fun post for Cindy and Brenda and the gang to meet and visit.

    Blogging is fun, to make long distance friends. I kind of connect it like having a penpal. So fun

  8. Oh Brenda and Cindy, I wish I could have been there! What a wonderful time! Two kind, generous, beautiful women!


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