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Monday, October 1, 2012


I know what you are're thinking ....why is she showing a picture of a bubble bath.
 Well I'll tell ya.  
The last you heard from me, we were moving.   We were only moving what we needed to live in a one room efficiency basement area.  And right when we started to load stuff up, it clouded up and started pouring rain.  And it rained all afternoon and evening. Which put us behind.  So I decided What the "H", I'm gonna take a bath, relax and call it a night.  And I took a pic because it's the last bath in this lovely bathroom that my Shug and I re-did years ago in this house.  And we don't have a tub in our new house yet.  We won't until we get moved upstairs.
So, we moved a week and a half ago, on Saturday.  On Friday night I started cleaning out the fridge, and look what I found!  Tequila....I wonder how long it stays good.  I don't even remember why I bought it.  Probably some special drink I was making for some gathering.
 And look what else I found.  This lovely message on the side of the cabinets when we moved the fridge out!
Now, listen up peeps.  Did you know....that your ENTIRE inside of your fridge will come COMPLETELY out?  It does.  The entire thing.  You can take the whole thing apart and have nothing in all.  So, I never knew that.  And I called in the troops for help and
my Mother happily showed me how to clean my fridge....with a toothpick for the love of Pete!  Who does that?  She does. And here's something funny.  When she was cleaning the fridge with the toothpick, the end of it broke, flung up on her face and stuck there!!!!!  aaahahahahaha!!!
And here Dad is helping out too.  Doing what he's told mostly!
 And here is a glimpse of where we are living.  For those of you who don't know this....we have moved from town...right in the middle of town, to one room in the basement of our new house that we are building ourselves.  (you can read all about it by clicking on the picture of the cartoon house on the side of this blog)  And I will say right now,we are not settled in, and that is not a case of alcohol on the chair!  It is stuff in a box.  I got a lot of boxes from the liquor store for moving, and we put boxes on the furniture to keep the dogs off.
 Yup, we are living in an efficiency room with two dogs.  It's crazy.  Craziest thing I ever did, besides try to build my own house.

 That there is my guitar.  That's a whole other story for a whole other day.
 Right now, I need to pack it up and head to the house in town to pick up more stuff and take it to the country.

I haven't been reading blogs lately but I hope to get caught up as soon as we get internet.  I called the lady about it the other day and she was supposed to call me back today.  So far, she hasn't called.  My friend Mandy says...what do you do?  Well, besides trying to get the other house in some sort of order, and get the rest of the stuff packed up, we have been watching dvd's on Roofus (my laptop).
And last night, we were watching a moving on the patio outside.  And this is what the moon looked like.  It was FULL and BRIGHT!  And as I was sitting there, I heard coyotes start yowling!  aaaoooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ouuuu oouuuuu!!!!  I grabbed my laptop and ran inside!!!!

Cindy Bee


  1. I hope you didnt toss the tequila...

    youre gonna need the tequila...

    and did the dogs get to the door first after you heard the coyotes?

    seriously, congrats!! Your new house is now a home :)

  2. Tequila never goes bad I am told.
    I love your new house I could live there it is laid out just right.
    Yeah for your Mom and Dad can I borrow them?
    YEAH your new house enjoy the nightlife:) B

  3. I agree with go west - you'll need the tequila - haha

    You are such an adventure! I love the moonlite shot.

    You're parents are just the cutest! I love them and I don't know them but they seem so down to earth.

    Good luck moving and grooving

  4. Her parents are the Mostest!! Really they are!
    Glad you are moved into the other house;:::now to get things moved from one place to the other;::All in due time!!!
    Start enjoying country life!! It really is great!
    the cuzin

  5. We hear Coyotes later at night around here too. When we first got the Bug and she had to go out late at night before she went to bed I had to stand out in the dark and listen to the Coyotes and tell her to hurry up, hurry up. Love your bed and the afghan. Are the floors heated, if not you better get some slipper crocheted or knitted before winter sets in, our walk out gets cold. Trying to stay awake to watch Castle, was glad the new season started.

  6. Cindy, I know your pain girl. I have lived inside remodeling and outside...I'd rather live on the other side of the earth.YIKES. Ted says a coyote is more afraid oh me than I could be of it...NO way. I am sometimes thinking as I go to the mailbox in the dark...please don't be any beast out here. Be brave honey thru all your new- no internet- two rooms living. xoxo, Susie


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