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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Ripple or Groovy Girls of Anarchy!

OK - so here I am buzzing by our house in town, nabbing a bit of wifi from the neighbor (he's fine with it-I buy him beer in exchange!) and I thought I'd quickly do a Tuesday Ripple. The Granny Bee has been making these Granny Squares.  She's going to cover a foot stool with them.  Very cool.

 This is Kristi's ripple blanket,
 and this is mine!
 Kathy is finally caving in and learning to crochet!
 And this is "K's" ripple and bag.  She's probably done with her ripple by now.
And I don't have a picture of Miss Groovy Girl's project.  Can't remember what she was working on, but probably something on knitting needles.....oh yes, I remember now.....she was knitting....and apparently I didn't get a picture of it, but I do remember putting it all back on the needles when it fell off.  Hmmm, wonder what's become of her project.  I'll let you know...
In the meantime....I have questions about wifi and Internet and such.....
Does anyone out there use their I-phone and plug it in to their computer for 3G or 4G to use the Internet?  I'm thinking of doing that.  I'm always concerned when I go to sign up for something and the person says they'll call me back, and they don't.  If that's the "sign-up" service I get, what kind of service will I get when I have problems.  Apparently the person I called for wifi has their own service out by us.  But she hasn't called me back.  And my other option is wifi through Direct TV which I way do not understand at all.  Any ideas?

I'm going to go sit and crochet tonight and forget about everything else for a bit.....but come tomorrow, I'm going to want Internet again....sigh...........
Cindy Bee


  1. We have Charter here and hubs has a wireless router for his laptop and to run game system for net flex. I know our computers at work are run through a Direct Dish service because we do not have cable out that way. It is called Hughes. That is all I know, we do not have I phones.

  2. Forgot to tell you everyone's projects are beautiful!

  3. We had Hughes for my internet in VA...I hated it! Here, we have Charter for both TV/internet and we LOVE it! Perhaps when we've got some snow on the ground I'll begin crocheting again!!!...:)JP

  4. Your group are so very talented. I love the colours.

    About the internet I know nothing I just got off my front porch remember. Yeah!!! all I know is it works. Good luck. B


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