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Monday, October 15, 2012


If you're like me, and someone doesn't post for awhile, you wonder what happened.  You know I moved, which made me extremely busy, then I didn't have wifi, then I got wifi, then we went on small get-away, and I tried posting.  And now, this.....the hardest post I've ever written.
You remember when we got Winston?  How many times did you hear me say , "I will never rescue another dog", "I will never have another male dog,"  "I am going to give him away".....well, it's all of those reasons that I miss him so much today.
He wormed his way into our family and our hearts.  My Sister insisted we all bring our dogs for this photo shoot.  I didn't want to.  I said, "Theresa, no one likes my dogs.  They are the hoodlums on the block!"  She said BRING THEM and stop trying to get out of it.  So I did.
It didn't take much for my Shug to fall in love with him.  He likes rowdy dogs.  And Winston was rowdy.  When he wasn't asleep, he was going 100 mph. 

You couldn't leave the car door open or he'd jump in.  It didn't matter if someone was in your car, or if he knew you or not.  He loved bye-bye. 
My Shug always said, "he'd go with anyone that will give him a ride."
So many times when I watched the boys, he would go jump in their car and try to go home with them. 
He loved kids. 

And mischief! 

And yarn!

And don't even try to go swimming without him.
At first he always stayed on the edge of the pond...
but Dave would take him out a little bit and let him swim back to shore...
He would go out a little further each time with Winston, and then Winston would swim back.  

Once he got the hang of it, there was no stopping him.

You couldn't even go fishing, because anything you threw in the water, fishing line included, he retrieved. 
He loved coming out to the country with Dave so much that he knew his morning routine.  He knew when Dave was going to work by what he did every morning.  And he knew when Davewas coming to the country to work our house. 
And for two years, Dave brought him with him while he worked out here.
He couldn't get out of the house without him.  He just couldn't.

Winston loved swimming with the kids.

And he was so smart.  When he wanted attention and I was on the computer, he'd go stand by this chair and look at me.  I caught him rubbing/scratching himself on the side of it one time and I said, "Winston - stop it!"  From that point on, he'd go stand there like he was going to rub himself, just waiting for me to yell at him.

And when we moved to the country, oh boy was he a happy dog.  You see, Winston wasn't a town dog.  He hated town.  And town, pretty much, didn't like him.  Most of our neighbors complained about him at one time or another.  But out here, the neighbors loved him.  One of our neighbors would feed him dog treats and he knew where they kept them.  He'd go to their house, get treats, and come back home.  He took the back way to their house.  And he loved riding on the tractor with Ron.
I even told Dave the other day, he is a different dog out here.  I like him!  He got along better with Dixie out here too.  He kind of acted like a big brother.
He wasn't much for paying attention, standing still, or wearing scarves!
But he loved my Shug. 
They were inseparable.
And My Shug said Winston would probably have a short life out here in the country, because he refused to be tied up. Oh we tried....and tried.  One time when I was in my beehives, I tied him up and he barked for three solid hours.  My friend left with a headache.  Winston just went crazy being tied up. 
We got Winston when he was five and we don't know what kind of life he had before his life with us.  But being on a chain wouldn't work.  And I know some of you think we are irresponsible for letting him run, but my Shug said he'd rather see him have a short happy life, than a long miserable one tied up to a chain going crazy.
We miss you Winston.

Cindy Bee


  1. I just want to give you a massive hug. I know it's heartbreaking to lose a furry friend.

  2. Im so sorry for your loss- those furry friends of ours weld themselves to our hearts. Hugging you and your family across the miles...

  3. Cindy, I'm am so Happy that you always take pictures... and you missed your calling as a writer... Thank you for writing, sharing and always taking pictures and providing great memories for all of us...and for making us all take a moment to cherish those memories...

  4. Cindy, So sorry you lost the dog that drove you crazy and made you love him ,at the same time. Winston's little tombstone, is perfect. xoxo, Susie

  5. Oh Cindy, I'm so sorry to read this; they twine themselves around our hearts and then leave far too soon.

    Yes, he drove you crazy.....for him.

  6. Big Alabama HUGS. Sorry for your loss. I so agree about the short Happy Unchained Life.(gotta add my fur baby does the same thing when I am on my laptop; Rub and Bark)

  7. I have been there
    I have been bereft too
    awful awful
    I have emailed you this poem
    it wont help your pain, but it does describe it
    The Power of the Dog
    Rudyard Kipling

    There is sorrow enough in the natural way
    From men and women to fill our day;
    And when we are certain of sorrow in store,
    Why do we always arrange for more?
    Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware
    Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

    Buy a pup and your money will buy
    Love unflinching that cannot lie--
    Perfect passsion and worship fed
    By a kick in the ribs or a pat on the head.
    Nevertheless it is hardly fair
    To risk your heart to a dog to tear.

    When the fourteen years which Nature permits
    Are closing in asthma, or tumour, or fits,
    And the vet's unspoken prescription runs
    To lethal chambers or loaded guns,
    Then you will find--it's your own affair--
    But ... you've given your heart to a dog to tear.

    When the body that lived at your single will,
    With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!)
    When the spirit that answered your every mood
    Is gone--wherever it goes--for good,
    You will discover how much you care,
    And will give your heart to a dog to tear.

    We've sorrow enough in the natural way,
    When it comes to burying Christian clay.
    Our loves are not given, but only lent,
    At compound interest of cent per cent.
    Though it is not always the case, I believe,
    That the longer we've kept 'em, the more do we grieve:
    For, when debts are payable, right or wrong,
    A short-term loan is as bad as a long--
    So why in--Heaven (before we are there)
    Should we give our hearts to a dog to tear?

    The Power of the Dog
    Rudyard Kipling

  8. Oh I am so sorry to hear this.

    Thank you John Grey for posting the best poem.

    Take care and Hugs. B

  9. ;(

    He will be missed

  10. ((((Cindy)))) no words - just hugs...


  11. (;*.*;)"(;*.*;)"(;*.*;)"(;*.*;)"(;*.*;)"
    Hard to find the words to say...since totally understand your feeling, it could be me someday...
    Winston always loved you both, and Winston's spirit is always beside you... You still can talk to him and he can listen to you...

  12. Oh Cindy Bee,I am so sorry for your loss, Our animals are such companions to us.Double hugs Cheri

  13. Cindy Bee,
    I really don't know what to say except I am sorry poor Winston won't be a part of your normal everyday activities.

    We know you loved that hound, we know your hubs REALLY loved that hound ;)
    Oh I'm so sad for you.....ugh....

  14. Losing a fur kid is heart breaking and it takes time to heal. Mr. Winston was a happy dog and you guys gave him a good life just look at all the pictures he looks happy in all of them.
    Lots of hugs!!!

  15. Oh Cindy, my heart is breaking for you and with the passing of Leo just over a week ago, even more so. I'm so sorry. It's so hard losing them, no matter how they went. We love our babies even though they sometimes do things we don't like. He knew he was loved. Huge hugs to you and your shug. There will never be another Winston. I know Dixie will miss him too. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  16. Cindy, I'm so sorry for your loss, but so glad that the little chap had a chance to be so loved. My girl cat was a rescue, and I feel so glad that she found a forever home with us, where she would be cared for and be an important member of our little family, and I'm glad that Winston found that with you. Thinking of you xx

  17. He was a lively spirited happy dog...You gave him the best couple of years a dog coud have

  18. Sending huge hugs to you and Shugs....So sorry for your loss.......Hugs Birgit

  19. Oh Cindy. My heart is breaking for you and your husband....unbearable pain that you must bear. :( Sending you lots of love and strength.


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