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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From the Dog...

I were expecting Dixie weren't you? Well, it's me...a Welsh Terrier. And I need a name.
I've heard my new parents talking about names....they've mentioned Yankee Doodle (something about being cute since they have Dixie Doodle), then I've heard Neuman, Arthur, Sherman.... Mom wasn't sure about Sherman because some man burnt down a bunch of mansions in the south and his name was Sherman, but then I heard her say...well there was Bobby Sherman..... I've also heard a bunch of other names, but the bottom line is, I need a name. Can you help?
And here's my story from eavesdropping on my new parent's conversations.
Apparently a couple of weeks ago my Mom got a call from her friend who is on the board at the local humane society. Her friend asked her to go to the shelter.
At first she said no, but then she went. They wouldn't take me out of the cage, so we didn't really make a connection. I know I'm cute and all....but she had reservations about another dog. But then this man came and he got me out of the cage, and I spent time with this guy.
He's my new Dad, but I'm getting ahead of myself, because he didn't adopt me that day either.

They both came back the next day to see me. I heard Mom say something about moving, busy, Dixie, male dogs, and such.... But before they left they filled out a form, gave the people behind the counter some money, and I got a shot in the back of my neck. While I yelped, I heard the word micro-chip. But then they left without me. I was soooo sad because I had to go back in that cold, dark, stinky cage. I hit a new depression low.
A few days later I was shipped off to the vet and he....well, let's just say I'm never going to have babies. I'll probably never be mature enough to be a father anyway, so I'm ok with it. I still had no idea what was going to happen to me. I mean, it had been a week since I had seen those people that visited me at the shelter. But then, on the day of my operation, that lady came to the hospital to see me. I gave her a big hug, but they said I couldn't go home with her until "tomorrow." So then I knew..... I was getting a new home.

I didn't know I was getting a new brother. We get along pretty well. We have our moments, but he shares his toys with me, I have my own bed, and I'm warm, so I'm happy.
I did hear Mom say that she thinks it's odd that the day after she calls on a Welsh in the paper, one shows up at the shelter. The same age. The same sex.
I also heard her talking to Dad last night and she mentioned she'll give me till Friday!!!! What? One week, to clean up my act. Apparently peeing on her yarn isn't going "to cut it." Dad loves me and really wants me to stay, but he doesn't blame Mom for being mad.
Either way, Dixie and I are playing it safe today.
We did cause a lot of trouble yesterday. And then when I surprised them this morning and said "HI" when they woke up, Mom gave Dad the look. Dixie and I have our own cage to sleep in, but I learned how to open the door. You spend two weeks in a shelter and see if you don't learn a thing or two.
Mom didn't even send out the Christmas cards yet because she put this family picture in them. She really was having reservations about me!
I think if she sends the cards today, I'm in.
OH yeah - one last thing. I'll be nice but I am not wearing clothes or scarves. Would you look at that brother of mine? He's only a year old. I'm five. I know better. Jeeeez
From the Welsh
PS - I need a name!


  1. OMG Cindy he reminds me of mom's airedale terrier she had... Scooter got be 13 years old which is old for a 90 pound dog. so cute.... hmm name... lets see.... I like Yankee Doodle... being honest here.. really do fits with dixie doodle. Sherman ... naa... sounds like he may be a little rebel.... if he opens his cage If I think of any good names will let you know.... Enjoy and depending on his age it may take longer than 1 week,, I know not a good thing but give him time. He will straighten out..
    Hugs from South Texas..Birgit

  2. I'm likin' Yankee. He IS very cute....

  3. I took the liberty of looking up some Welsh names....Marvin, Maddox, Cecil, and Griffen were my favs....

  4. I think Maddox or Griffin are adorable names...what an awesome dog..Great family pic!!

  5. Oh what a beautiful story. I am so, so, so glad you got a home Welsh. It looks like you really got a dandy too. I feel certain you can pull things together and get a permanent residence there. What a great Christmas present to get out of that shelter and have your own cage, brother and toys to play with. Sounds like you were meant to be at this great new home. I love the Christmas picture--she should send it and I think a good name for you may be Kringle-since you are such a great Christmas present :)

  6. Oh Cindy, congratulations! I love how you wrote from his perspective. You made me smile and I sure needed it. I can't wait to see what you name him and how he settles in. I hope he knows how lucky he is!!

  7. yes he is one lucky dog::You know our dog Addie was adopted from the shelter as well:::and she has always seemed very grateful:::very protective:::loved the story you wrote about him
    the names;::nah on most of them so far:::yankee just doesn't seem like the right one or Sherman

    Enjoy and can't wait to meet him


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