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Saturday, December 25, 2010

What Do I Want for Christmas?

What do I want for Christmas?

I want to kneel in Bethlehem,

the air thick with alleluias,

the angels singing

that God is born among us.

In the light of the Star,

I want to see them come,

the wise ones and the humble.

I want to see them come

bearing whatever they treasure

to lay at the feet

of him who gives his life.

What do I want for Christmas?

To see in that stable

the whole world kneeling in thanks

for a promise kept:

new life.

For in his nativity

we find ours.

* By Ann Weems *


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Cindy! We have 6 inches of the white stuff, the first time we have had a white Christmas since 1969! I would also like to join you in these wonderful thoughts!

  2. Merry Christmas Cindy. Thanks for stopping by our blog about the Airedale Violet. Your puppy is are your children.

    Years ago my sister in law's family started bee keeping. I thought they were nuts (you know young minds don't think big). so I'm excited to meet you along in your travels.

  3. hold on....not your kids...I had to read more of your blog.

    More importantly hahaha what is the name of the hound? I'd like to throw in Nick...for St. Nicolas

    Merry Christmas!
    Julie ----- again...;)

  4. Hi Julie,

    I like Nick and Nicolas, but my husband doesn't so much. Now he likes in The Christmas Story. This poor dog. For not having a name he is adjusting well. The kids call him Baxter. I think he looks more like a Winston. He comes to just about anything!

    Does your Sister in law still keep bees? I think, years ago, it used to be a "weird" thing to do. It's more common now.

    As for the kid problem. It happens all the time.


  5. What a beautiful poem. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!


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