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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow

What's this that I see outside?
Closer look.....
Yup, it's snowing outside! Should make it fun for getting my nieces today. And festive for decorating our tree!!

Rebekah (Farm girl) and Birgit (Mausies Craft Journey), this post is for you! It's what my back yard looks like right now.
Hey Kokomo blogettes...Mr. & Mrs. Claus will ride into town today on a train - downtown at 1:00. And there are a lot of crafty type booths for buying hand made Christmas presents from 11 - 4.
Merry Christmas


  1. Thank you Cindy this made me homesick for snow and cold... but this too shall be a part of my life again and maybe sooner than I think.... can you guess???? lovely to see all that cool as in cold snow....Hugs from South Texas,,,Birgit

  2. Great pics Cindy. Isn't it pretty out!!

  3. Love the Christmas tree hats! I seriously LERVE them!!!!!

  4. Oh Cindy! What I wouldn't give to see that out my window this morning! Doesn't that just take you over the edge?? To the land of Chrismtas JOY? So merry and bright! (I've got to quit dreaming of a white Christmas and make it happen one year!!) I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Ciindy for posting those picture and don't forget to enjoy it!! And now I'm singing ..."Sleigh Bells Ring, Are Ya Listenin'..."


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