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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dog update, Crocheting, and Biscoff!

First of all, Dog update. We still have him, he still does not have a name. You'd think it was a kid instead of a dog. My husband comes up with names like Stinky (because he has had three baths for various reasons of which I will not go into right now), Lucky (because two of them were showers with me) and Bumpus (because I was yelling around - I'm not a yeller so it wasn't that bad - but yelling around while The Christmas Story was on, and the old man was yelling around because of the Bumpusses' dogs). I, on the other hand like Cecil, Griffen, Marvin, (thank you Queen) Oliver, (Thank you Teresa) Baxter, Yankee, and Kringle (thank you Verde Farm). I got a lot of really good names from you all and I appreciate it. But the verdict is still out as to whether or not he is staying. I do not want my house smelling like dog, and he does have a couple of issues that we are working very hard on correcting. I'm really trying very hard and not taking this lightly as I do not want him going back to the shelter.

And the crocheted tree. I got the pattern out of Crochet Today. It is supposed to be garland, but I was exhausted that evening when I sat down in front of the t.v., and I had a skein of cotton dishcloth yarn and a larger hook right there in the bag in front of me. I didn't have to get up, so I used that! It ended up being big enough to be a dishcloth and I thought it might be a good gift idea. Dish cloth Christmas trees. If I make garland I'd use a smaller hook and a different yarn so they'd hang properly. And speaking of crocheting, check out this new blogspot.

And now for my Christmas post
mmmmm....Biscoff...... they were on sale at Kroger

I love them. And even better......biscoff and coffee!!!!

I hid them you see them....

Now you don't!

Isn't that funny! Everyone in blogland knows they are in the house, but no one in the house knows but me!!! What do they have to do with Christmas? I'm taking them with me tonight - what is left of them! Yes I've eaten a few. And what is tonight? I'll tell you about it after it happens. It's a Christmas present. But Biscoff and coffee at Christmas time is a good thing. Treat yourself! You deserve a break.


  1. Cindy Bee, Dont get mad, but..............Thats prob. why he was at the pound. He is not a little teeny puppy.
    He looks like another failed potty training incident...We try to go in these things with positive thoughts of saving a pound puppy, but it is not fun to think that the first family ...gave up. I hope for his sake that he starts catching on,because he will have a wonderful life with you .....if he does.

  2. sorry i missed u at the ornament extravaganza i showed up right after you left. as always i had to work!!! i like the name wilson it makes me think of house (the tv show). well i hope things work out bcuz i know u want to keep him. marilyn

  3. Maybe you will have to do the puppy crate training thing. Do you think that would work with the other dog in the house? That has always been the easiest way for me to house break a dog. I know I had a stray dog I saved from my brothers house one year when I was visiting Hoosier land. A beautiful dog. Took to vet, had it fixed but it just did not work out in our little house. It was a springer spaniel and spring it did. Was so crazy it pulled one of my young daughters across the yard like a doll by her hair. There was snow she was not hurt and it was just play. But I had to find another home for it and we were sad. But she became an awesome sheep herder. I hope it works out but not every dog fits in every time.

  4. Cindy~ I am reading backwards... will from current date back. I really think this male band thing works as far as the marking. Bandit doesnt poop in the house. And he pees outside (a lot) when we take him. But he tends to mark when he is nervous, jealous mad, etc. You seem really crafty. I bet you could easily make these. I see them on Etsy & ebay. google "belly bands". A site called sells them and have great tips. Dont give up♥


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