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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day our immediate family gathers at my Sister & Brother-in-Law's house.
When we arrived, their daughter was playing this dance game on the Wii.
My husband decided to join her.

Two of my nieces striking a pose.

The one on the right told the one on the left to NOT smile.
Models do not smile! Oh my what they learn....Time to open gifts.
The adults exchanged names a couple of months ago.
We all give the younger ones gifts.
I changed my gift-giving to them this year. As I've said in some older posts, I'm focusing more on traditions. And I did spend some time with them doing stuff, but instead of buying them a toy, I purchased a bond for each of them, in their name. When they are older, I'll give them all to them at once. I did buy them a shirt, just no toy, and they didn't even notice.
Is that a robe or a hat?

These are Little Tree-sa's, get it? Her name is Theresa and she MADE THESE FROM SCRATCH! Her husband said she EVEN MADE THE APPLESAUCE!!!
(She gets that from me)
The cakes were YUMMY. I'd like that recipe Sister. She drizzled caramel sauce on them and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream beside them. You can also see she made the traditional Mexican Wedding Cakes and Peanut Butter cookies with kisses.

Lots of serious faces Sister is trying to teach us Bunko.Now listen have these dice...
Now this is how you keep score....and I'm going to jerk that camera out of your hand if you take one more picture...(Mom wants to laugh - I can tell)
Umm, I'm STILL confused. Is a BUNKO all 1's, or all of any number, or is it all of the same number of whatever round you are on? Like if this is round 5, is a bunko all 5's?
And wouldn't that be a Yahtzee and not a Bunko?
We played Bunko, while the kids danced...

and danced...
then we decided to join them!

Dave and Trent thought they were so cool with their head gear, or is it a robe?
Funny how we are all following along this video and none of us have the same pose!
I'm looking like something out of the Thriller video while Sarah is shaking her groove thang.
Our brother had child care duties...

and I had to take Theresa and Lorri did dishes!
Twas time to go home.
We had a wonderful day.
Adrienne, Dylan, Joey and Andrew we missed you and hope you had a Wonderful Christmas.


  1. Looks like a wonderful time! Love how even the men got involved with the Wii dance game!!

  2. Hi Vintage Farmhouse - it was a wonderful time. And the guys are always willing to give it a try. My Dad probably would have been right there with us had he not had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago. He's still recovering from that.

    I had to quit reading blogs yesterday and get busy cleaning house, but I'm anxious to get back to your party planning! Sounds like tons of fun.


  3. Wonderful Journey through your Family Christmas ,,.,thank you .Hugs from South Texas. Birgit

  4. Oh Cindy Bee, I don't know you - except for your blog - and the other scandalous things my sister "The Queen" fills me in on.(hehe) Anyway, I can see why my sis likes you so much.
    Your Christmas family pics made me cry....for real....yours just looks like a family that truly LIKES one another. And I would bet my Christmas Balls that is a feeling that lasts throughout the whole year....NOT just on Christmas day. Thanks for sharing. It gave me alot to think about....Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Birgit - Thanks for stoppy by. Happy New Year to you.

    Debbie M - Would it help if I told you my nephew couldn't make it for Christmas because he called from the psyche ward at Wishard? He got in trouble a couple of days before and alcohol was involved. Or that my Shug and I got into an argument on Christmas Eve day and my plan to distribute the cookies and dog biscuits to neighbors didn't happen! Here's the thing....I love my nephew and I love my husband. And yes those things did happen. But we're family. I've been through things in life where none of my friends stood by, but family did. I love my family. We ALL have faults. And we all have differeing opinions, but we do still LIKE each other. And you're right, we get together a lot. My family are also my friends.
    I'll talk more about family in another post. All I know is I hold my tongue whenever I can..which isn't much. It's what gets me in trouble the most! BTW - You can keep your Christmas Balls...I just bought some new/old ones...they're blue :-)

    Hugs to you and Happy New Year!

  6. Cindy~ this is a GREAT post. I laughed throughout. Really loved your brother having childcare duty...hey I totally understand~ we had American Girl Dolls too.
    I dont recognize your sisters. There are a lot of Bunco/Bunko groups in Indy. There are even tournaments. It's for us that want to play euchre but dont want to think about playing. Bunco is mindless, you just roll, chat (& eat & drink).
    I wish my family had fun family gatherings like you seem to have. Too much dysfunctioning stuff on mine & Hubby sides!
    Maybe one day I can be a great Grandma w/ family gatherings!


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