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Monday, December 13, 2010

Ornament Extravaganza was fun!

Ornament Extravaganza was fun. I wish I could have stayed all day, but I had a wedding to attend. What is it with people planning retirement parties and weddings during holiday time? Anyway, I took Birgit's (Mausies craft journey blog) advice and made the ornaments bigger. When I left at 2:00, I had sold seven kits. I only made ten. And Queen, where were you? Seriously, you need to come hang out with us Granny'd make so many new crafty friends and be so busy learning new stuff you wouldn't even care about the "Christmas Rant" situation!

Also, want to let those of you know that the wool trees and the owls patterns came from a book I posted awhile back called Fa la la la Felt.

My cousin Vickie, painting a Christmas stocking ornament.

Serious candy cane making going on.

This is THE Granny Bee...always smiling!

Ornament kits for sale.

This is not my project, or my nails!, but I did learn to rug hook that day. I bought a little hook and I'm going to practice on ornaments first. It's the best way to learn to do something new. And you get the project finished!

A good time was had by all.
PS. Birgit, you really don't need to tell us that the temperature is going to be in the 70's where you live, ok? Especially on a day like today, when we have schools closed or delayed, the temp is in the teens, and we have lots of snow and ice.'s Christmas!


  1. Cindy ,,, oh that all looks like so much fun to be had.. and so many new things to be learned..wish I could have been there... truly.
    anyhow ok how about the temp this morning was 26 degrees here when we woke up... it really was,. had some cold front come
    wont tell you what its doing now since its christmas
    I have been working on a shawl still for myself .. loom knitting and crocheting for a year now and never did anything for myself...anyhow.... stay warm and safe... Kids are cold and frozen in Scottsburg too...
    Hugs from South Texas.....Birgit

  2. Oh what fun. I bet you all were busy bee's for sure :) I would love to learn to rug hook. Let us know how that goes :)

  3. Wish I could have come......just too much going on with the Holidays and Birthday!!ugggg 50...I've decided my new motto is ... 'Its taken me 50 years to look this good! sis gave me a new coffee mug with this on it,,I love it.


  4. Looks like everyone had fun... I was delivering babies (as usual). We've had a run on girls...

    Hope you are well. Miss you.


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