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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pictures of Christmas Past

I think I'm going to post nothing but Christmas pics and Christmas happenings and such for the month of December.
And the Queen reminded me of this.....(thanks a lot Queen!)

Our courthouse square Christmas decorations. Yup folks, I'm serious. See what happens when no one stands up to the "no nativity scene on the courthouse lawn rule". You get dinosaurs and serpents. For another pic, check out
Don't think it can't happen in your home can.

The bracelet I wear the month of December.


  1. WHat has happened to this world?? What will it be in another 20 years, what tangible history are we making?? Have a great day!!


  2. Oh No. Dinosaurs??? so not christmas I wish the world would really work on acceptance of others and their beliefs.. I love Christmas and all the decorations. The way it makes you feel to look at them and it does remind you of the real reason for the season. its about Love and Peace and Acceptance.. ( my opinion.) Just keep those pics a coming.. I will enjoy them.. Any sign of snow yet? I know my kids said a bit of flurries the other day but nothing major. just an taste of what could come..LOL
    wish I could be there., love snow..
    hugs from South Texas. Birgit

  3. That is sad and hard to believe. I just don't understand it. Of course we have to respect opinions and beliefs of all people but why do some beliefs have to be hidden or covered up and replaced by dinosaurs? Wow. Anyway, love the bracelet and looking forward to a month of Christmas posts from you :)


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