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Friday, December 10, 2010

Honey Bee Ornament

Ok you guys - be honest. Is she cute? I'm a beekeeper so of course I like her. I've been making things out of this Fa la la la Felt book. Tomorrow at the Ornament Extravaganza (see previous post), we're supposed to come up with an original ornament to make into a kit to sell. So I decided to try my hand at making an ornament out of in the book...only my own pattern. Anyway, this is my first attempt and I'm trying to decide if I should bother or not.

It's hard to tell but she is helping decorate the tree.
She has ornaments in her hands.
I'm thinking maybe a different color for the wings.



  1. I think she is cute,, wings are ok too, its the ornament I can't maybe either something louder in color or larger, or take the pic on a different back ground.. I would buy it though. its unique, I have never seen a bee ornament before. so go for it. I see you all are expecting more snow this weekend per Brian Goode on wave 3. Lol wish I was there. and yes I can make hats and scarfs and things so I would stay Making a shawl just a simple one for myself right now then to start granddaughter Abby's all colored striped blanket... Caron simply soft in pink, purple,yellow, lime green etc... bold bright colors. hugs from South Texas,,, Birgit

    by the way its 44 degrees here at the moment with high expected around 70 today..

  2. TeeHee........cute. She is not as energetic looking as most bees.


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