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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Traditions's cold outside.

After my nieces and Dixie played in the snow on Saturday, we ate dinner then went to the We Care park to see the lights. This is a magical place, and now that my nieces are older, I don't think they'll forget this experience. We started doing this with them a few years ago, and it has now become a tradition.
You can drive through the park...
or walk.
If you walk, you get to go inside this garage, that looks nothing like a garage, and pick a stuffed toy off of the Christmas tree and drink some hot chocolate.
There are lots of photo ops
And of course, Mr. & Mrs. Claus are there passing out candy canes.
This whole place is a neighborhood that decided to do this for donations for one of our local charities.
There are also several little doll houses preparing for Christmas.

And this folks...are some of the lights on our courthouse lawn this year.
Better than a serpent or a dinosaur!
When I was a little girl, we'd always go to my Mom's family in Logansport for a get together. And they'd bundle all of us kids in a car and take us past this farmhouse, somewhere in the country, that decorated with thousands of lights for the holidays. Cars were lined up forever to see this spectacle. I've never forgotten it. Kind of like the above photos.
What traditions do you have with your friends and families?
Merry Christmas


  1. Hi Cindy, Thanks for sharing... I remember as a child growing up in germany that the living room door was locked for a couple of weeks before christmas .. now the living room when I grew up was only used on special occasions -everday life was always in the kitchen. so LR door staid locked. then on christmas eve us kids would hear a soft little bell ring and mom or grandma would come into the kitchen
    and tell us that the christkind had been there
    and we would all go into the LR and see the christmas tree all lit up with candles. nativity scene, we would sing christmas songs and then open presents... with my kids I changed it some and they would ride around with aunt or grandpa on christmas eve trying to see santa flying around. when they would come back thats when the tree was lit for the first time and thats when all the presents where under the lovely memories...
    love the snow pics... hugs from South Texas

  2. Oh snow!! Would love to see it again and show my kids - last time i saw it was about 19 years ago!! My kids love the light around our area too.


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