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Thursday, December 30, 2010

After Christmas shopping

The only thing I have done this week besides clean house and put Christmas stuff away, is a little bit of shopping. Usually, my cousin and I go shopping the day after Christmas. This year, we decided not to go. But then, the next day, we decided to go :-) But we didn't go to any malls or shop for clothes. We decided to go to Stitches n Scones in Westfield, IN.
A fun yarn/roving/knitting/crocheting/spinning store. We used to visit it so often that they knew us. I had to stop going. I hate to see how much money I've spent and how much yarn I haven't used. But I did buy one I decided it could be fun to use for crafty stuff.
Isn't it cute.

Then we went shopping in Noblesville, IN. Lot's of cute stores in their downtown area.
I wanted to go to some antique stores too, and they have both.
But first we went to Gingers Cafe for some lunch, and Always in Stitches which is another fun store for crafters. Yarn, wool, patterns, material, books, etc.
The only thing I bought there was some locker hooking rug fabric.
(dont really know what it's called)
More on locker hooking at another time.
Then we went to some cute stores and antique stores.
And at one of the antique stores I took a little bowl of cute little blue balls to the counter and asked if they could get a price for me. I also took a little box to the counter and wanted a price on the stuff in the box.
Note to people who have booths in antique malls - PRICE YOUR STUFF. Do you know how many times I've just skipped even asking for a price on something because I didn't want to ask.
Anyway, they had to call the booth owner. When I went back to the counter they had everything in the box and said, "how about $15.00 for all of it!" WHAT? And I said, "so it would be $7.50 since everything Christmas in that booth is half price?" Noooo. Well, I'd pay 7.50 but not $15.00. I mean seriously, it is a small box. Maybe 4x6 in size.
So I said, "ok then how much for just the little blue balls that were in the bowls." They couldn't answer that because they mixed the whole thing together. And they never did get a hold of the booth owner. So they came back with, "how about $10.00?" After a few minutes of thinking I decided to go for it.

Most of the ornaments were made in the USA, and glass, so I know they are old.

And most of the time I don't care if it's old or a reproduction, just so I like it.
I don't know if I'll use them for crafting or decorating.

But when I got home and sorted everything out...

I was glad I bought them.

These were made in Japan.
I remember as a kid my Dad complaining about things made in Japan.

Lots of little glass baubles.
I don't think I'll put it away with the Christmas stuff.
I think I'll leave it out for inspiration.
Every year I think I'll craft Christmas gifts and decorations throughout the year, but never do it. Maybe this will inspire me to start a little sooner.
Ornaments at The Corner Cottage were 50% off, so I bought this little angel.
I also bought this soft, velveety, Victorian style scarf at the antique store.

It's not an antique...
but I like it.
We had a fun day.


  1. Oh such pretty ornaments! I especially love the made in Japan ones! Great find!!
    I found a bunch of vintage shiny brights this year and neglected to take pictures. We took our youngest to the mall to walk around the day after Christmas (the other 2 were with auntie) and I was surprised how packed the place was! There were great deals in every store.

  2. Oh fun, fun fun. I wish I lived closer to you and your friends. I went to my best friends birthday party with all our buddies and also gave my Christmas gifts to them. I'll try and post pictures of the gifts I made soon but none of the friends opening them. I took my camera and forgot to get it out. I just have so much fun with this group I forget about the camera.

  3. ohh you were so lucky i really like the blue ornaments - every year i say im gonna get started on craft projects for Christmas however it never happens this year im gonna try to get some stockings made have a Happy New Year

  4. Hi Nicky...thanks for posting on my blog. I clicked on your name and it didn't take me to a blog. Do you have one?



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