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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Does DIxie need a brother?

This dog is so cute...

when he sleeps!
Even sleeps in the car going bye-bye

And doesn't mind his 'new' bed at all...sshhhhh...don't tell him it's a cage. I couldn't help it. When I'd get up in the night to go to the bathroom, he'd think it was play time. And this playtime....

I can no longer leave clothes sorted on the floor. My Mom came over the other day and asked why my underwear were in the middle of the floor!

I pick up after him all day long.

Because when he's not sleeping, he's going 100 miles an hour.

It's all or nothing and usually consists of tearing something up. (I buy him toys at garage sales. )
Luckily, I could fix this rug. It was the rug my friend made me and it wasn't torn, the loop came loose.

And when he's not tearing something up, he's getting into something.
Thanks Aunt Jeannie, for the coat, but here's the thing....I heard Mom and Dad talking about me maybe getting an older I might give it to him. It'll fit him better.
Tell me blogger friends - not to go even look. Yes there is a dog that needs a home. It's a male, it's a breed that we were actually thinking of buying just a few short months ago, but we decided not to. I've heard that dogs are better if there are two, and I was thinking of the people I know with dogs. Most of them have two. If I go look at this dog, I will not be able to resist. I won't. What should I do? He needs a home....oh jeez, tell me not to go. My Shug told me to at least go look....What!
And here's the other thing....when he's not getting into something, he's getting out! Dixie Doodle, as we've been calling him REFUSES to be fenced in. He goes along every picket and finds the smallest hole, or a loose picket, and squeezes right through. I am trying to not get too attached (yeah right) because I know someday he is going to wander off. He is. It's in his blood. My friend started singing Don't Fence Me In yesterday. She said it's his theme song. Our fence looks awful now because we have hammered pickets across the bottom of it, I've thrown pieces of firewood along the bottom of it, we've put lumber across the bottom of it, and he still gets out.
We have turned into the neighbors with the annoying dog. Cute. Rarely barks, but he gets out. Yesterday, the South neighbor said, as I was coming back from looking for Dixie Doodle, "I just tried calling you, your dog was in my yard". He luckily has a fenced in yard and was not at all upset. He even tried to help me find out how he was getting out and tried to fix the area. Then last night, our Northern neighbor called. "Your dog is in my back yard."
I know, I just's gonna happen someday. Tell me not to go look.....
Ps - My Dad is having knee replacement surgery today. I'll be at the hospital with Mom this morning. Pray that he does not have to have a full replacement. They said it could be partial and partial will be so much easier than full. And pray that he does not get an infection.
Pps - I'm gonna go look.....


  1. Hi Cindy, Getting another dog may be just the thing to keep Dixie at home. I had one ( mix breed from the SPCA) and he was always sleeping not playful etc.. then a few weeks ago my husband was taking Barney for a walk and a pup ( I say a Pup he is 50 pounds) also mixed breed something lab and whatever followed him. Now my hubby has a soft spot for animals anyhow but especially for dogs. well he brought him home gave him a bath and voila we have a second dog. Well Barney has taken to him like a bee on flowers... they play, they nap together and Barney has gotten so much better in everything... so I say yes get another dog..... my humble opinion...
    Hugs from South Texas....Birgit

  2. Wouldn't it be funny if your new brother was a crazy doo like you??? I bet your Mom would have soooooo much fun ...hehehehe.
    Hope your Dads surgery goes well

  3. Your dog is so funny and I can relate completely. I found you through the Coop Keeper and I am so interested in raising bees for a hobby. Anxious to learn from you. I sure hope your dad does well!

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  5. Dixie Doodle brought a large smile and tears to this face. He looks a tad like my PeeWee that I had put down in February. I had nicknamed him Doody after I put Misty down 2 years prior. They just grab your heart don't they? xoxo

  6. sounds like a mess myb you sould ask if one of your neighbors go out for a run daily to take him it might wear him out!!! otherwise there's always cesar =0) marilyn


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