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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Damask Designs

I was wondering what in the world I could blog about, as I felt it was time for something new, but I was having a blog mental block. Then I started walking through the house with my camera. Now I'm trying to decide what to leave out! Dixie, bees, crafts, treasures, I decided to tell you about a place my cousin Vickie, my friend Teresa, and I visited on Saturday.

Remember the french flea market in Tipton I visited this summer? http://http//
Well, I got a card in the mail to visit an open house from one of the places that was at the french flea market. I have no idea why I didn't take a picture of their cute little store, but I didn't.

I did take pictures of what I bought at their cute little store, and I also found out while visiting that they have a blog. Here it is

And before you ask...I have no idea what I'm going to do with this stuff, I just like it.

Pretty twine on wooden spools and beautiful ribbon sold by the yard. I think they said I could have the whole spool of ribbon for Fifty bucks!!! They were kidding, but I settled for two yards instead.

Inside this beautiful tin

are these beautiful rubber stamps.

They do such a beautiful job of wrapping your purchases I hate to open them!
Did I say "beautiful?" Well it was b e a u t i f u l stuff.

PS - When we were there, we were talking blogs, and they told me that The Coop Keeper and a blogger from Carmel got together this summer....and we weren't invited!!!! We think we need to have an Indiana blogger get together sometime. What do you think?
PPS -I tried to use that link icon again. It did not work.


  1. I just looked at the open house pictures from Tipton earlier this morning. I try and follow as many blogs in my home state as I can. Can I still call a state that all my family lives in my home state after being away 30 some years? It still seems like home to me. And since I feel that way would I be able to come to an Indiana blog get together? Would be great.

  2. Love your new treasures...

    Make sure you hilight the word you want to set your link up to before you click on the link button... then click on the link button and paste your http://www. etc. into it and wha-la!

    Hope you are well... I definitely am jealous that I didn't get to meet the coop keeper... But I can one up the Carmel lady... cuz I got to meet the BEE LADY this summer! COOP and CARMEL should be JEALOUS!!!

  3. Hi again :)...thank you for your kind words about my little shop...& thank you ladies for driving FOREVER to get here! & in all honesty... we did talk about you after you left :) we all agreed that you were a riot & it spending a day with girlfriends is lovely :).

  4. Indiana Blog Caucus...hmmmmm....Sounds fun.
    I dont think i would be on the list.....but the good girls would love it.

  5. Hi Brenda - Of course you could come to the Indiana blog get together.

    TH - I did highlight just won't work. I won't give up though. I won't. And aren't you sweet. And I got to meet TH & the Queen! (and I don't think we invited anyone else, did we)

    alee - It is lovely spending the day with girlfriends. And you are welcome.

    Queen - You would be on the list and you must come. Everyone will want to meet the Queen!



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