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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I've been up to

So, Jayme the Coop Keeper commented that she thinks "eyes" are my "Number 53".

And that was a day after I saw Mel's post with the crazy eye pic of her son James!

I'm tellin' y'all....I'm done with the eyeball thing!

(will someone please show me how to do the "link" thing so I don't have to cut and paste addresses? I've tried clicking on the link icon and doing it that way, but it doesn't work)

So I'm going to show you what I've been up to lately, besides building a house...

Closing the Community Garden and getting ready for the Harvest Celebration. Lots of work getting ready for this celebration.

I picked a bunch of green tomatoes. Some of them got too frozen and I had to throw them out, but I did keep a few. You do know they will turn red, don't you? And if you cover them with newspaper, that slows down the reddening maybe we'll have sliced tomatoes for Thanksgiving.

Getting my bees ready for winter. What do my feet have to do with my bees? See the right foot? Very swollen. That's because honeybees do not like you messing in their hives in the fall, especially if it's a tad cold out. They stung me right on the backside of my foot. Several of them. Right above the heel, right through my socks, and my entire foot swelled up from the ankle to the toes. This picture was about three days after the sting. Now, having shown you this pic let me explain this is not an allergic reaction. This is a fairly normal reaction to a bee sting. You will swell, you will itch. An allergic reaction is when you cannot breath and go into shock. So stop being babies and telling everyone you're allergic because you swell. Even beekeepers will swell.....and don't tell my Shug that I showed you my swollen foot. His Mom does that all the time and it really makes him mad! He hates it! She insists he look at her swollen ankles. She's 87. It's not because of bee stings. Wow I almost got on a soap box there.....

I made laundry detergent.

I've been doing a little shopping. Have you seen all of these Christmas teas? I'm a little disappointed that they are not individually packaged. I wanted to divide them all up for Christmas presents. Now I'll have to give an entire box, or keep them to myself :)

I start locker hooking a rug. No, I'm not finished with my Sand and Sea blanket. Nor am I done with other works in progress (WIP) So what! I can't help myself. "My name is Cindy and I have a problem finishing things." My excuse is that this is possibly a Christmas present so I had to get it started.

And I've been whipping up a few more of these. They only take me 30-40 minutes each now. I try to make one a day.

And I decided to brighten up the table with these flowers that I got at the grocery store. I didn't decorate for Halloween this year. I missed it. I usually decorate for all of the Holidays, but I was so busy and tired, I just didn't care :(

But I will decorate for Christmas...I think I'll start now!



  1. When you write your post there is the section above where you can choose the font, size colour etc there is a link work - high light the word in your post then click that link word - it will open a window that lets you put the url in and that should be that :o) Hope it helps!! I love your light bulbs (not peppers hehe) you should link to my tuesday WIP :-)

  2. Hi, Bee Lady! Thanks for visiting me and saying hello. I do know who you are thru QOW and TH. If they approve of you, so do I.

    I'm sorry your foot is swollen, but I will not be able to read your blog if you keep showing your bare feet. hee-hee. Did you know it is against the rules to post pictures of your bare feet on eBay? It's true! No feet! They don't want you attracting feet pervs to their site. How weird.

    Okay, nice to meet you, Cindy-Bee. Bye.

  3. Nice Tootsies Cindy B... sorry you so swollen... ouch. I'd know a shot of 50 mg of benadryl to the butt would cure that right up! But thats neither here nor there. You'd nap like a drunked up baby, too!

    We are hoping for good times at the B-dubs soon... you game?

  4. Hi Clip Cafe - I have tried that link thing that you are talking about and it never works for me. I must be doing one little thing wrong. I'd love to join your Tuesday WIP! What do I have to do?

    Pammy Sue - Thanks for the approval. Or maybe I should thank the Queen & TH! Anyhoo...sorry about the foot pic, but hey, at least I didn't show you the fungal toe!!!!! hee hee back at ya!

    TH - I actually did take benadryl...but not a shot in the butt. I keep it on hand, right beside the Epi-Pen! You got anything for fungal toe? Notice...I did not show you my tootsies.



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