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Friday, November 19, 2010

Went to the skin Doc today.

Apparently that new mark right above my lip there on the left is a beauty mark...."nothing to worry about." I'll probably start looking a lot like Cindy Crawford now. {sigh}
But, do you go to the skin doctor, once a year, just to have your skin checked? You should. Especially if you're fair (or is it fare) complected.

So, last night I had an important meeting at BDub's. The Queen, TH and I met to discuss my busy life and quitting my Community Garden job. The Queen said "I don't blame you, you're too busy."
'nuff said.
We went on to more important
Why don't I text?
How to post links that say "here" and "here" instead of this..... and when you click "here'" it actually goes to the website. Which just does NOT work for me.
When it's absolutely necessay to drop the "F' bomb. I really wanted to drop it at a local building supply store today.
Obama's visit to our town.
The high price of food.
Chicken wings and how they will be "sent back if they arrive to small at the price of $7.99."
We discussed this yarn it too pink? will it work with the light pink? and the red?
How long should the Queen's elfin hat be?

I say down to her butt. Did you see TH's elfin hats? Cute. Check them out "here"
(so frustrating)

We also talked about blog stalkers. They are the people who never leave comments, you don't even know they are watching your blog until you tell them something and they say, "yes, I know, I saw that on your blog." Then the next time you tell them something they say, "yeah, I know, I saw that on your blog." B.P. I told them about stalker!

Anyway, we made a lot of very important decisions, and I recommend the chips, salsa, and very berry margarita on the rocks!

Cindy Bee


  1. Dont forget ...We discussed Dixies restless heart.. Shes a wild spirit, trying to find something exciting in life, but only finding another fenced in yard....figures
    Hey thats a Royal Dog Deep thought
    " Just when you thought you were home free, ya find another fenced in yard"

  2. Woa! What the... HOW did that crochet hook get on that blue martini??

    We also talked about hoarding... yarn and food.

    And I went home with a baaad belly ache that has followed me today... so I've been sipping sprite and crystal lite and watching free HBO.

    Hope you have a good night, I like night time posts!

  3. Hi
    I guess I have never been to the skin Dr, well not true I have gone to a dermatologist for some minor things but haven't had anything checked out. You gave me something to think about

  4. Oh gee I had better leave a comment. Just kidding as you know I usually do. But it is late and I was just thinking I drop back by later and have my say...but then I would be a blog stalker. Cute post Cindy, looks like you had a good evening out.


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