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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm addicted

Last Friday I was out running errands. I had to get up early and get going because I had to deliver felt paper to our house site. I probably would not have went to any garage sales. BUT - my friend Teresa called me, and she was talking in her phone kind of like out of the side of her mouth. You know how you try to talk real quietly on the phone so no one else will hear you...and she was saying....
"I am at a garage sale and you have to get here."
"I do?"
"Yes, you do. They have all kinds of doilies and linens and stuff you like. "
"Oh my gosh! I'll be right there....hover.....hover over the stuff and start picking up what you think I'll like. "

crocheted pot holders. I saw these made into pin cushions one time in Mary Jane's Farm magazine.

more crocheted potholders

lots of hankies

a nice size doily- would make a nice chair cushion

a table cloth

a sheet

hand made crocheted table cloth

another table cloth
She was right. I had to get there. But I have an addiction to this kind of stuff. I have a lot of it. A LOT! What about you? What do you HAVE to buy when you go to a sale?


  1. Oh I like that same kind of stuff. And I like cute wall shelves. Love them. Not new ones older vintage ones. And cookie cutters and......I really should not go to garage sales.

  2. old Christmas decorations and.......................retro kitchen stuff of course.

  3. I love your pics! Next time you get "the call" to go to a sale like that one, forward it on to me, too! (smile)


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