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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas trees and other stuff

Friday, my Mom and I went out Christmas shopping. Just for a couple of hours and I didn't buy one Christmas gift. But I enjoyed spending time with my Mom and I did buy myself some new sunglasses, slippers, and towels. Probably didn't need them and probably wouldn't have bought them had I not went out on black Friday. But I did. And I had the worst headache. I should have seen it coming then. But I took two Tylenol and kept plugging away. Well, Saturday morning I woke up not feeling well, and before noon I was throwing up. Full on stomach flu. So I did not get off of the couch all day Saturday. And here's the thing...I got the flu last year on Thanksgiving. What is up with that?

On this four day holiday I have traditions. I have rituals. I have things to do. Christmas shopping, Christmas tree shopping, decorating and such. And for the last two years I have not been able to keep up with them. This flu thing is making me afraid for Thanksgiving! Usually I go shopping the next morning with my Sister. But last year we couldn't go because I was sick and this year we couldn't go because she went to Disney! Then Saturday we get our Christmas tree and Sunday we put it up. Not the last two years. And last year it put me so far behind I didn't get caught up ever. I was wrapping Christmas presents on Christmas morning. This year I refuse to let that happen.

So....I got the flu and I got over it.

And today, Sunday, we went and got our Christmas tree. Did you know you can get inexpensive trees at Lowe's? We used to do the romantic thing and go to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down. But the trees got this mold on them and they were more expensive.
But for 16.98, these aren't bad trees.

Not tall enough.


yup! This is the one!

Then I came home and finished a project I started on Friday night.

I made one of these felted trees on Friday evening. The pattern is in the Falalala Felt book that a lot of bloggers seem to have. (Brenda...Mel...have you made anything from the book yet)
So today, Sunday, I got Roofus out, the movie The Holiday, and my bags of felted sweaters and jackets and such.

And I made a couple more of them

What do you think?

And now I'm sitting here with my hot chocolate and cool whip, downloading pics...
I am NOT going to get behind this season!
PS. The whole reason I put the flu thing on here, is because I wanted to remind everyone to get your "care package" now, while you are feeling well, and hide it somewhere. I buy 7-up, Gatorade, chicken noodle soup, crackers, and popsickles, and I put the first three items somewhere not easily found. That way if someone in the family gets the flu, you are prepared and don't have to go to the store in a snow storm or when you aren't feeling well.


  1. We always get our Christmas tree at Lowe's, too! Probably will next weekend!

  2. Hi Cindy
    Glad you are feeling better! I am down with a cold that I got from the grandkids last week. Usually I fight it off pretty well but this one has kicked my but... So I am on the computer getting my blogshop loaded. Good time to do it.
    Most of the pictures I put up are from my home or my studio (I have two) Some older pictures are from the shop that I just closed. Display is my thing...
    Have a great week

  3. Your trees look just gorgeous !! Love them :) My mother-in-law made me one the same last year and it looks so pretty sitting out on display.

  4. I love your trees! I need to get some wool sweaters from Good will. One of my friends took a class to make mittens from the felted sweaters and line them with fleece. I need to move away from the computer and get busy!


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