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Friday, November 5, 2010

Snow and Steak Stroganoff

See the little dots in the pic?

See 'em now?

Snow! It snowed here yesterday. Not too happy about that.

I got this cookbook at a garage sale this summer.

And I made this....(if you click on the picture it should make it big enough to read. Or, if I must, I will type it out for you. Just let me know)
I cut up a steak, as the book says, but stew meat would work. BTW-does everyone have a pair of 'meat' scissors in their kitchen? You should. It makes cutting a steak, chicken, much easier.

Put the meat in the sauce in the crock pot all day.

Cooked some rice, but noodles would work well too.

YUM! And it's a nice comfort food for this brrrr weather!



  1. Oh please keep sharing snow pictures when it snows.It brings home the winter a little more to me here in South Texas. I love winter and christmas..Yes that foot looks anyhow love the christmas lights your making.. still think they are too cool...Hugs and warm and cozy weekend.,. From a chilli South Texas ( BBRRRR (36 degrees out this morning) Hugs Birgit

  2. Cindy, I am so excited to see SNOW! Wish I had some! Not you, huh? You must get a lot in the winter....

  3. Yep we got some of the white stuff yesterday morning too. Sat looking straight out at it coming down from my desk at work. Not a lot of smiling from me. Thank goodness it is not cold enough yet to stick. Once it sticks in our neck of the woods we will not see the ground again until February or if it is like last year maybe March. I could read the recipe just fine thanks for sharing. Going to try a beef and noodle recipe this weekend that was on yesterdays Gooseberry Patch blog.

  4. I'm with Brenda...not quite ready for the white stuff. I do see why Rebekah and Birgit want pictures with snow vicariously through bloggers is a whole lot easier than shoveling it! You don't have tohaul out all the winter coats, gloves, scarves, boots, hats, then you go to a store or out for lunch and take it all off and try to not lose a mitten or a scarf...then get ready to leave and put it all back on, only to come home and find out you have to shovel again! Nope - not ready! Silly girls...



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