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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Shopping 2010

Hi there,

To answer some comments from the previous post,

You're right Queen, we did talk about Dixie's restless, wandering, heart. What we didn't talk about and should have, is his mental state. He's got one! More on him later.

TH. I was trying to avoid the whole 'hoarding' conversation about yarn and food. Yup, we hoard folks. Material and books too. OK - fess up, what do you hoard and why?

Rebecca - I had a small brown dot on my forehead a little less than the size of a pencil eraser. It ended up being Basal Cell Carcinoma, and I ended up getting a "spot" removed about the size of a quarter with several stitches. This was years ago and the scar is hardly noticeable now, but had I not checked on it, it would have kept growing.

Brenda - you are not a blog stalker. She knows who she is! But just this weekend I understand there is another one out there. TC - You blog stalkin' cuz?

OK - so on to this past weekend... I went on a shopping trip that I've been going on for at least 30 years...maybe longer. It was foggy out.

We went anyway.

Yes, we all have the same type of t-shirts on...say not a word. I mean it.
Mom started the same shirt thing back in the 80's. These people are my Mom, my sister, and three cousins.

Mom had us all in tears...more on that later.

What are we all looking at?

More on that later too.
This guy made a lot of bonus points

We ate lots of nutritious foods..... Dan's Donuts

(I told her not to get the pink donut but she wouldn't listen. Did you eat it Sister?)

Vickie's famous cinnamon rolls
And Vickie's famous temper! She was not happy with McDonalds.
The girl behind the counter was just "not with it" that morning. Enough said about that.

One of my favorite places to shop... (I know I know - I've got to stop!)

We bought a lot of Christmas presents.

and stuff for ourselves!
Yes we use a car top carrier. We have six people and we spend the night in a motel, shop at both malls in Ft. Wayne, and we need the room. There have been times when we've come home with bean bag chairs on our laps!

The weekend went fast.
And the trip is over.


  1. Ahem. The matching shirts are loverly.

    I just learned some hand cozy patterns (mittens without fingers...) and they are adorable... for some reason I think you'd like them...

    Be sure to ask the Queen about her Elfin Stocking hat. I did not disappoint.

    Glad you had fun on your red shirted shopping trip.

  2. Ha, I won't say a word on the shirts but I will say you all look like you had a blast and that's what counts, what a great family!
    Many blessings this Thanksgiving day...


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