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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh no - She's ranting!

OK - So I came all the way over from the cabin to the lodge with my computer in one hand, purse in the other, so I could get my Shug a Diet Pepsi, me a decaf coffee, upload my pics from today, and update my blog.  We have a tv and wifi in the lodge...not in the cabin.

So, I put my money in the machine, pushed the button for a Diet Pepsi and got a Pepsi, which I know my shug will NOT drink. I gave it to another couple standing there, and tried again.  Got the Diet Pepsi.  Got me a coffee and spilled part of the hot coffee on my hand while trying to get the lid on.  That was after rooting around for a creamer and found one laying around that's probably bad.  And that was also after I pushed the decaf button only to find out it's empty.  So WTH....Regular coffee at 10:00 at night. 

So...why am I surprised that when I went to upload my pictures, I do not have my camera with me.  I should just go back to the cabin and go to bed.  But first I am going to say this.....because I can say it without pictures.
This evening my Shug and I decided to go for a country drive.  You have to take the highway for a few miles to get to where we were going.  While we were on the highway going 60 miles an hour, some chick is looking down in her car and coming right at us.   I don't know what she was doing.  All I do know is she crossed the double line, came right at us and thank God above that my Shug swerved safely off the road and we are ok.  And thank God the car behind us swerved out of her way safely too.  So I'm gonna rant. 


Cindy Bee


  1. Oh that is very scary she was probably texting I see it all the time and it scares me too. Glad you are OK. B

  2. I see this all the time. I so agree with you. Glad you are ok. People need to start reporting these nincompoops. Most places it is against the law to text and drive. Heck some states it is both talking and texting.


  4. Cindy, I have been wanting to get a bumper sticker that says "hang up and drive B*tch" Can't tell how many times we have almost been rear-ended because people on their phones actually drive off your bumper, not seeing down the road. Or one that says"My secertary takes my calls" Well you know how I feel about that subject.LOL It makes me crazy...I will actually pull over to stay away from those kinds of drivers. Glad you guys are safe. Smiles, Susie

  5. Well Cindy, I will rant with you. I was coming home from work last week, in my lane where I belonged and realized the Semi coming from the other direction was 1/2 in my lane. Now, this road did not have much room to swerve off and I was so surprised after the fact that I kept my cool and just moved over as far as I could as he passed by. And for the life of me I have not a clue why he was driving like that. Crazy. Glad you were safe!


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