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Sunday, October 28, 2012

My week in review!

Last Sunday evening we had the boys I used to watch and their parents, along with my parents, over for dinner.  Their Mom told them to put their arm around each other for the picture.  Some things never change!

On Tuesday, I played cards at my parents house.  They play every Tuesday evening.  Growing up, us kids had to stay away from the card table, therefore, we suck at card playing.  But they get desperate sometimes and use my sister or me for a sub.  Tuesday they needed both of us.  Top pic is my sister, Dad, Mom.  Bottom pictures is Uncle John and Vickie.  My Mom's side of the family has played cards forever.  We used to get together on weekends and all of us cousins would play together while our parents would play cards. I miss those days.Oh yeah, you see money on the table because they play for 50 cents a game!

I spent one day getting my beehives ready for winter.  I put entrance reducers on the openings and I'm feeding them some of the honey that didn't pass quality control!  I thought it was too dark and thick.  Apparently a drought can do that.  Not enough moisture in the flowers (nectar) I was told.  The reason you make the entrances smaller, as you can see from the pic below, the regular size of the entrance is big enough for a mouse, vole,  mole, chipmunk,  to get in and hide out and eat honey.  Raccoons can stick their arm in a hive and they will eat the honey and the bees. So we have to reduce the size of the entrance in the winter months, to help the bees survive.
I went to a Rotary meeting/luncheon.  These are people I worked with at Purdue.  The guy on the left was the director and the guy on the right was our speaker.  He is an ex-FBI agent.  Very interesting person.  It was so nice to be with these people again.  Us ladies still get together once a month for breakfast.
 My nephew (yes I have a nephew!) came over and helped me pack up the potting shed.  We worked hard all day long.  It was sad for me.  I love my potting shed.  We built it on concrete foundation with the intention of never moving.  I have to leave it behind.  It was kind of nice having his help.  He is so tall (6' 5") that I didn't need to get a ladder to take stuff off the walls!  I spent a lot of hours in that shed.
Dad came over one day and brought me a latte'.  We sat on the porch and enjoyed the view at our new place.
Friday night, as you know, I made slippers at a party at Groovy Girl Yarn.

Saturday, I didn't get any pics, but it was a fun day.  Went out for lunch with family and friends.  Apparently, tenderloins are a mid-western type of food and my cousin had family from the East coast visiting.  There are about three places in Kokomo that have really good tenderloins.  We went to one of them.  Then afterwards the ladies went downtown shopping while the guys went on back home.   After having such a busy week, I was glad to have a relaxing day.  Stay safe John & Elizabeth. That Frankenstorm looks pretty scary!

Cindy Bee


  1. It sounds like a wonderful week but I can see why you needed a break!

    My Mom's family were all cardplayers too, and I can't play cards to save my life...must skip a generation.

  2. What a beautiful week. Sitting with your Dad and a Latte has to be my favourite image.
    I am so happy you have such loving family all around you. You are truly a lucky girl.
    Your nephew is almost 2ft. taller than I:)
    Hope the rest of your week is as sweet as honey:) B

  3. I love the view from your porch - could sit and look out at that all day!!

  4. Wow, what a busy week you had. Love the view from your new place. So pretty.


  5. Cindy, I am sad for you to be leaving your potting shed. You blow me away with your bee are amazing. I remember my in-laws playing cards lots...I miss them and my parents. The brothers "hugging", oh yea, that brothers alright. Smiles to you, Susie
    p.s. hug your parents for me.

  6. Busy week for you. My parents played cards with another couple when we were kids. I remember having a great time with the other families kids while our parents played. Loved those years also.


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