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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Groovy Ghoul Yarn

 We didn't have crochet tonight, the Groovy Girl herself had a migrane and was sick to her stomach.  So I am going to tell you about last week.  First of all, it was Kathy's birthday and we had this yummy cake from a local place in town called J Edwards.
 And I decided that next year I want to make some candy corn bunting.  I did not buy this yarn, it's on display, but it looks like the perfect colors.

 Groovy girl said I couldn't take her picture, but I could take a picture of her ya go....they are hawt don't ya think.
 She is making the most adorable i-pad cozies.  CUTE.

 Kathy is taking a coffee/crocheted cigarette break after eating cake.  She's entitled, it was her birthday after all.

 "K" finished her ripple blanket by the way.

 Ok, so here's the story.  "K" was sitting there and said, "I smell's like something is burning, do you guys smell it?"  I proceeded to somewhat tease her about her sinus issue, because she actually does have a sinus issue.  Or did have.  She said it's no longer a problem.  Then we said it was probably coffee, that Kristi just made coffee.  And "K" said, "don't you smell it, it smells like the air conditioner is hot wiring."  None of us smelled it.  
Then I turned to talk to Granny Bee who was sitting on the couch a few feet behind us all. And I had my hand on that chair right purse was actually on the seat, leaning against the back of it.  It's a messenger style purse.  
 I had my hand on the left rung(if that's what you'd call it).  And suddenly, the chair moved, like someone sat down at the table across from it and put their foot on it and pulled it to the table so they could put their feet on it.  My purse fell over on the seat.
This happened about two minutes after "K" smelled something burning.  I turned around to see who sat down at the table, and no one was there.  I then got eyes as big as a full moon on a Halloween night and I asked GB if she saw the chair move.  She did.  I told her I did not move it.  I even tried to move it like it moved, with one hand on the rung and I couldn't do it.  It was just like someone sat down across from it and pulled it to the table.  Freaked me out I tell ya.   What do you guys think?  I mean, other weird things have happened there, and we kind of always just ignore it....and I really don't know how I feel about that kind of stuff, except's kinda scary.

Cindy Bee


  1. It would be a shock, that's for sure! Funny, I'm going to be blogging about things like that later this week...

  2. Wow maybe it was a bear ghost:)
    I am sorry I can't think of anything to say as I am just imagining that cake in my mouth.:) B

  3. This is kinda scary....but fun. Bee...the ghost must like you , because it sure is trying to get your sitting across from you,and whispering sweet nothings in your ear....etc. etc.......

  4. Dang, wish I was there to see it too. I think it would be cool to see something like that.

  5. Maybe there was a tremor that none of you could feel? There has been a lot of that going on lately. And the smoking break...I know it is not a real cigarette. Tell K. her ripple is wonderful for me!

  6. Well I re-read my note after I published it, I was trying to be a smarty pants about the smoky smell if you did not get it because it did not make a lot of since..

  7. dang thats messed up...
    love the candy corn yarn colors..

  8. You girls are eating too much sugar....Just kidding.What do you mean other freaky things have happened..are you saying the place is haunted?? YIKES. I love the finished blanket. It's so nice. Smiles, Susie

  9. OH yeah! A ghost in the house! NICE!

    If I were a ghost I would like to hang out with you ladies, because you'll look like you have a darn good time!


  10. Oh yes, and K's blanket is beautiful!


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