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Thursday, August 6, 2015

More June happenings....

In June....
The Granny Bees met at Patti Beck's garden.
to take a garden stroll
and buy some garden pottery (not the stuff in the pics - I took pics of this because I love that she put this big bird in a nest)
We met in memory of Beth.  And the entire evening a monarch butterfly kept flitting and fluttering about our group.  It was the first one Patti had seen this summer.
 I had asked Patti to make us Granny Bees something in Beth's memory and she made this bell....but she also made
 I L.O.V.E. them.
And I've missed Beth a lot lately.  
Tomorrow night will be the first, "First Friday" that I've attended that I did not spend it in her studio.

We went to my Sister's house for Father's Day (but we had to meet the week before Father's Day because we were going to be in St. Thomas at a wedding on Father's Day weekend) 
and I hardly took any pics! (I've been slacking)
I did get one of My Shug putting a cig behind my Mom's ear.
Silly....neither of them smoke.

And of these two playing in the decorative pond!
What is it with kids and water?
We were actually supposed to go to a Polka Boys concert that evening, but all the way there it stormed. 
Who woulda thought the weather would have turned out perfect!
This is my brother and his son acting goofy.

The next weekend,
Mom and Dad and Theresa and I went to Clowes Hall.
Only it's pronounced Klews Hall.
And I know that.
But when we stopped to ask for directions I asked for Clothes Hall.
Who knows why in thee hell I say/do what I say/do.
I do know I love the little sippy cups they gave us for our wine!
How cute!
So, can you guess by the picture below (that I wasn't supposed to take) what musical we went to see?

More june stuff.....
Cute lil' peaches on our tree!

My hives are doing well!

We all went for pedi's for Ashley's wedding.
only I didn't get a pedi.
I do not like my feet touched.
I've had one pedi in my life and I ended up with a toenail fungus that lasted for years.
I got rid of it on my own by applying tea tree essential oil to the top and underneath of the nail every morning and every night.....for like two years.
It's like the one time in my life I was in a tanning bed.  I ended up with red and white stripes on my bottocks.  Don't ask.  Who in thee hell knows anyway? Not me.
Pedis are kind of gross anyway.  They took a cheese grater and shaved the dead skin off of my sister's feet.  ewww....the pile....of dead skin.....just ewwww.....
But I did get my toenails painted!
Do you like the plhower?
Okay, so, Then we all went out for Mexican food and margaritas afterwards!
And Theresa and I probably should have been home packing because we were leaving the next day for St. Thomas!
Coming pics and St. Thomas!

But before I go
TODAY is my Sister's Birthday!
Happy Birthday SISTER!

Cindy Bee

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  1. Cindy, I know there's been some tough loses in your life this past year. It's good to see you having some family and friend fun time . I love the bells that Patty made you girls. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I am so happy about the bees.


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