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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pammy Sue and Crafting Fun

So.... on Friday, I was doing some things around the house when the mail came. Lots of mail. So much they put a rubber band around it! And what's this package? It looks personal and I didn't order anything. And it was addressed to

Cindy Bee Lady

I opened it up and look who was inside!!!

I knew right away it was from Pammy Sue! Note: before you go to her blog, you might want to take note that she has a bad day now and again, just like all of us, and she doesn't hold back. As she says, it's her real estate she can say what she wants!

So anyway, I took this rooster out of the envelope and she looked all sad and lonely. I asked her what was wrong and she said "Who is this Bee Lady and where are my brothers and sisters?" Well, it took all of five seconds for her to forget about her family, when she heard this low-slung whistle coming from somewhere..... her neck did a 180 and discovered this....

"hubba hubba" she said. And she got over her brothers and sisters in about five seconds. See, it's good sometimes not to take down your Thanksgiving decorations!

Now it looks like we gotta do something to make yours!
And here I thought I was gonna get an invite to a Tupperware party when a local blogger asked my mailing address. Phew!
So, my cousin Vickie and I were chatting on the phone a few days ago, perusing some blogs as we chatted, looking at crafty things to sew. We've been in a crafty sewing mood lately. A couple of months ago, the Scribe told us where to find some crocheted hearts, and I made a bunch of them.
And as we were perusing the blog with the hearts we discovered beachy stuff. And as we were blog hopping, we found other blogs with beachy stuff and we decided...we're going to make something beachy. Why beachy? BECAUSE WE MISS SUMMER.
Just for fun, and this is for you folks from the south only, can you guess what this is in this picture?
Yeah, it's's what snow looks like when it's been around since November. You still wanna make a snowman? Ok sorry - don't mean to let my "TIRED OF SNOW" personality come out. I thought I put her away for the rest of the season but she came back out last night, when we got a fresh coat of the white stuff...Not to worry, March 15 is right around the corner and I am ready...
Oh, and you want to know how grouchy people are right now, because EVERYONE Is tired of the snow and cold....I'll tell you. I'm in this parking lot. You can see it's huge, and it's fairly empty, and I stop to take a picture of the snow and this lady is sitting behind me honking her horn!! I'm serious! In an empty parking lot! GO AROUND ME FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! Of course, my cousin and her Irish temper started yelling at her....which is always me....when she does that....yells at people in other cars when they can't hear...

See, you can kind of see where I'm sitting and the empty parking lot! She is not going to ruin my beachy crafty fun day.
And Let me just SHOUT IT OUT, since I don't think it's any secret anymore that I HAVE A BASEMENT FULL OF STUFF, like yarn, material, beads, etc., all in a big jumbled mess. But what I like about it is when I get in a crafty fun mood, I just go shopping in my basement! So I did. And I pulled out everything beachy I could find.

sheets, shirts that don't fit my Shug (well he did want the blue striped one back and I said no), material from failed sewing projects, shower curtains purchased at garage sales, material purchased at garage sales that I thought later...why did I buy that and what will I ever do with it?

and we got busy...Vickie drew a pattern combining ideas from a couple of different blogs....and I started cutting material...

I didn't take too many pictures of the pillows in progress.

Ta Daaa....These pillows turned out so cute, but when we finished, we looked at each other and said..."what are we going to do with them?"

Where are we going to put them? Neither one of us have this decor!
Who cares? It was a fun day spent crafting with Vickie.
Cindy Bee

PS - Pammy Sue just reminded me that I forgot to mention, those are BEACH HUTS, not outhouses! I suppose they could be used for either though!!!


  1. Oh you had me cracking up! hubba hubba so funny! How sweet of her. that little chicken is so cute. Love those pillows too. I miss the beach so much I am a Gulf Cost girl and now I live land locked. : (

    Enjow the rest of your weekend

  2. Sometime before I start on turning my garage into a shop I will have to share a picture....I bet it has your basement beat. (shhh it looks like something from the hoarders show)

  3. Awe! You got a Pammy Bird! (I heard they were multipling in Allen Texas!).
    You do crack me up. And yes frickin' snow...grr even I am tired of it. When I was out with the dogs, snow started to fall on us, & I just looked up, and said, REALLY?
    Thank goodness it melted before reaching the slushy yard!

  4. Na-na-na... I have her sister here too.
    I just hate the dirty snow too. I swear it will be here till August. Adore your new project. What fun.

  5. You are so welcome, Cindy Bee!

    Love the pillows. I bet it was fun making them with your friend. Are those outhouses with bunting? How fun.

  6. Bee Lady, What the?.....
    I have not seen you for awahile C.B....Where you been. I hope your not mad about the "If you like bees" commment....

  7. The pillows are crazy cute! It snowed all day here yesterday and our temperature this morning was 3 degrees. On the 15th...if I still have snow I am coming to hunt you down!

  8. Great pillows! The snow pictures....I was waiting and thinking you were going to try to convince me it looked like the shoreline or, I dunno! We are melting here, yay! BTW, got a job interview tomorrow, keep your fingies crossed!

  9. Whew....I missed you Bee....I figured you for a Robby Benson.....and a Keith Partridge type

  10. you really know you have problems when you look at a pile of snow and say i think i recognize that!!! i looked a little closer and ya i did i only have passed that pile 3-4 times a day on my way to work. that's really sad!!!
    p.s. i love the pillows so much fun. you should put them on the porch.

  11. You are so funny! I love that adorable pillow and don't worry spring will come--he just seems a little slow! xo Caroline

  12. Nice pillow. Funny post. I am also getting sick of looking at dirty snow bring on the sun. B

  13. Hi Cindy,

    Love your chicken, what a nice surprise to get in the mail and those pillows are too cute..


  14. Very nice post! By the way, if you ever consider selling some of that surplus yarn you've spun, I'd be interested in buying it. I'm prepping to have a booth in the local "village malll" next winter and would love to be able to label my wares "Made with hand-spun yarn" without having to take the time to spin it all myself.

  15. I love my Pammie Sue chicken, too!!!

  16. LOL very cool! I'd love to come see your 'shopping basement'. :o)

    I got a Pammy Sue chickie too. (hey...that rhymes!) Makes me smile every time I look at it.

  17. Hi Wanda - I've been landlocked my entire life {sigh}

    Vintage - I'm going to hold you to that. I want to go shopping in your garage!

    janis - I know all about slushy yard. I got my Shug's truck stuck in the mud the other day on the land that we are building our house. It was a mess. More rain coming today.

    GB - You'll have to bring her sister up for a reunion...wait...that'd be 'down' wouldn't it?

    PS-OUTHOUSES? NOOOO, beach huts. Funny, we thought they looked like outhouses too.

    Brenda - not to worry- the 15th it is - spring will be here.

    Clara - How did the interview go? Let us know...

    RJ - I didn't think I went anywhere. And yes, Loved Keith Partridge...moreso than Robby Benson.

    GPP - I thought I would put mine on the porch. One of them belongs to my cuz. And it is sad when you actually recognize a pile of dirty snow. Maybe it'll melt in the next couple of days, we're suppose to get rain.

    Boho - I want Spring NOW!

    Buttons - I agree, bring on the sun. Even when it's cold out, if we have sunshine everything seems better to me.

    Ronda - thanks, and it was fun getting something in the mail other than bills.

    Deb - I don't really have much to offer in the way of hand spun yarn. I haven't quite mastered the art of plying, so I don't think it looks as nice as it should. But I'll tell my spinning friends that you might be interested in buying hand spun yarn if you want me too. LOVE that mall by the way.

    Scribe - we gotta get together with our chicks.

    Hooking It - you can join us if you want.

    Cindy Bee

  18. Beach houses, not outhouses, so funny.

    You have, as usual, Cindy Bee, been busy.
    Of course, as you are all awaiting summer with baited breath (and Ill remind youu of this later, when people start complaining about the heat.... teehee), we are awaiting winter.

    I suppose tho, that there are a lot of good things about winter. The garden goes into arrested development for a while. Not so much work.

    And our winter wont be nearly as cold as yours.

    What lovely cushions. Im sure youll think of a good idea for them. Everybody needs more cushions in their lives, dont they?

    Happy groundhog day, for when it gets here.



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