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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fat Tuesday with Scribe, RJ, and NOTARO!

I was walking through the back yard and found this sign of spring! I just know the groundhog is right about March 15!

So yesterday I was trying to decide what to give up, or give, for lent. And then my phone rings....hmmm, wonder what the Scribe wants? Wonder what she's giving up? Anything? I always look at lent as a time to re-start the year. Kind of like resolution time...but maybe a little more spiritual. She wanted to know if I wanted to join her and RJ for coffee....oh jeez...I can't, I have to go get insulation. You wanna go get insulation I ask? Well sure, she says. WHAT? I think....
So we make plans to meet and then wonder...should we call RJ now, or call after we get the insulation, or should we just surprise her and show up at her house? We call. We woke her up! RJ is wondering why we didn't give her more time than 10 minutes to get ready. I listen to them bantering about this issue, wondering why they are wasting time talking, when we are already on our way to her house. We get to her house and she is drinking coffee and The Scribe spies breakfast.

Good thing it's Fat Tuesday. And I do remember RJ blogging about having to buy two boxes of Krispy Kremes when she only wanted one....wonder what happened to the other box?

And for the record, a couple of weeks ago RJ and Scribe came to my house and they just kind of took over, walking around, looking at things, going into my can read about it here And let me say I had about a five minute warning, after being sick for two weeks, and the dogs had just torn up two plants. So I didn't feel too bad about giving RJ ten minute warning, and I kind of just walked in and had a little fun with the camera...

What's this? MY initial on her wall. weird...

A retro meets Jetson's bread box.


While RJ is finishing getting ready to leave, the Scribe shows me a gnome book.
Really Odd...a gnome book with naked gnomes....and OMG

Really really odd and weird... a gnome nursing twins. After this book, and accidentally stepping on Scruff....she yelped...I decided I'd better get outside. (I told her later I didn't really step on Scruff, that it was a set-up. Scruff set me up.)

So we go outside. VERY cute - is it a gnome house?

I think we're going to have a few parties on this patio this summer, but I hope
the neighbors take the stickers off of the garage windows by then!
So we take off to go pick up my Shug's truck. He's at work. What we neglected to mention to RJ was that my husband has been basically living in his truck for the last six months while he works on building our new home, and I have no idea how we are all going to fit in the truck. We decided we'd surprise her with this bit of information.
She was a trooper...and of we all went to pick up insulation.

ALL of us. We decided to let our roosters free range a bit while we picked up insulation. We had to drive around the back of the store to pick it up, and the Scribe was a bit nervous about me backing into a garage bay in My Shug's truck. I explained to her that I am a little tougher than I look.

Truth is...they're a little tougher than they look too!

Afterwards we all went to Panera and I treated them to a cup of coffee and a pastry, since I appreciated their help and it is Fat Tuesday after all. So, I ask, "what are you two giving up for lent?" RJ, "nothing" Scribe, "I don't know...something" "Should we call NOTARO?" We were supposed to call her next time we go to Panera.

We call NOTARO aka Granny Bee

She shows up and the Scribe does a little work on her computer. RJ has this 'thing' about NOTARO. It's all about NOTARO. She claims every time she does a craft and shows someone they mention NOTARO...When she shows up at Panera, the Scribe gets to work on the Granny Bee blog as RJ tells her she really needs to start posting more. These two are tough I tell ya. They tell it like it is. Then I tell them I gotta go because my Shug and I are going to Hacienda to listen to this guy I know play in a band and eat some food for FAT Tuesday. They tell me that sounds fun and they are gonna crash our date!
And they did!
The food and drinks were flowing, in celebration of FAT Tuesday.

and we listened to the band...

My candy bar showed up...(RJ's man, T-Bone even showed up)

NOTARO showed up...

and everyone was having a great time, when the Scribe said, out loud no less,

"Who's Freebird?" we decided it was time to go.
Cindy Bee
PS - The Scribe and I decided to give up white flour, white sugar, and something else...hmmm, I forget what else....and I'm going to add devotions to my daily things to do....for lent.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    That was a very... very... informative post.
    Great day it was!

    White RICE... ahem.
    I'm also going to work on my bookclub book as my devotion... Ann Voskamps "1000 Blessings"

    Thanks for a GREAT day!!!

  2. White rice? Really? I agreed to that? I love white rice... and I suppose white flour includes Saltine crackers? Because I really wanted saltines today with my cheese, and I gonna have to go buy wheat thins or something. I am not even dressed yet and it's noon. Good thing it's a rainy old day and I have nothing to do outside....I gotta get busy.

  3. Thanks for a great day (and night) and a new blog look too!

  4. I'm eating saltines as I read this. I think I might have to give up thinking about giving up all the things that are bad for me. Does that count?
    Do you have anything going on Saturday? If you want to make a trip to Z-ville, I am dying to hit the outlet...I can't talk anyone into going with me. Silly people don't know they are missing a good thing!

  5. yep that sounds like our day. I had a great time, Cindy Bee...
    I am even glad you guys woke me up.
    Looking forward to the party at your new house.

  6. Cindy Bee...the 15th really...are you sure???Because we got around 3-4 inches of snow this morning....Just so you know.
    Looks like you had a great time yesterday!

  7. Vintage - Dang I can't go Saturday. I promised my Shug I would start helping him at our house. We're hanging osb...I could probably go on a weekday sometime, or on a Saturday when he is working. Eat some saltines for me, will ya? That might have been a silly thing for me to give up. And really, none of us drank much...we were in our right minds...I think. I was just desperate to figure out something to give up. Sheesh...and yes, I think giving up thinking about giving up is in fact giving up!

    Brenda - I don't think it'll work in your area if you doubt the groundhog, and it sounds to me like you are doubting....are you? (you poor thing - snow! GAH!)

    NOTARO - I had fun too. Thank you.

    RJ - We're having a party?

    Cindy Bee

  8. I so enjoyed reading all three of your prospectives on yesterday's gathering. It's pretty fun what each of your walked away with and blogged about.... Sure wish I lived a wee bit closer, I do love the mexican.

  9. OoooMG!! I laughed til tears came at this post! Husband had to come see what I was doing on the computer (I told him porn) when I started laughing and couldn't stop at the naked gnome. I hope the free range Chic's enjoyed their day out too! OK, "Who's Freebird?" ok not so funny... ; )

    Because I am Celiac, and can't eat much anyway. Especially right now while my body heals from years of being undiagnosed. I am joining my cuz, in, instead of giving something up. want to try to bless someone in some small way each of the 40 days.

  10. Very funny post. You gals are hysterical...nice friendships. Women need women friends!
    Ummmm yes I'm supposed to give up something. I'll have to get thinking on it....because it's NOT going to be sugar or beer. Come want my husband to have a happy wife right?
    Instead I like to DO something instead of taking something away. Devotions are a very good idea, write down 3 things I'm grateful for daily...bc I have ALOT to be grateful for.
    Thanks for the fun post.

  11. OH yeah...I forgot to tell you I was thinking of you the other day.
    We were watching House hunters and a family in Australia was checking out a house that had a neighbor who had BEE HIVES. They had young children and were worried about it. HOWever, they bought THAT house, no bee problems and free honey!!!!

  12. That. Was. Hilarious. Cindy Bee, you have such a way with words....twas most entertaining.
    All of the pictures made me feel like I was there (oh yeah, I HAVE been there)Ahhh, the Gnome book...........hahahahaha

  13. Wanda - I can't believe you told your husband you were looking at porn! Sorry about the Celiac thing. At least you are diagnosed now and on your way to recovery, right? I'm afraid I'm ignorant about it.

    Julie - I saw that episode!

    Debbie M & GB - glad you enjoyed the posts.

    Cindy Bee

  14. Looks like fun was had by all! Cool...thanks for sharing. :o)

  15. Hey Cindy
    That is about as much fun as one can have while buying... insulation? And the food looked great, I am always up for Mexican.
    Have a great day

  16. geez... i suddenly got the urge to go scrub out my eyes for a vigorous 10 minutes..that is so wrong for so many reasons...arent gnomes retired? who wants to wish that on a retired white haired gnome? thats a gnome hate crime

    and i wont be able to see another gnome without that vision in my head...


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