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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring time!

The first sound I heard
when I woke up this morning,
were the robins singing!
My favorite sound in the spring.
Cindy Bee
PS - Better get those yarn scraps outside. They're going to be making homes.


  1. I am so glad today's post brought back so many happy memories for you. That's a great tradition. I love things like that... and that's why I love comments!! I love to write and do my post each day. They may not be as artistic and fancy as most of the ones I see, but I like to try and take you where I am during that post.

    You absolutely must call and set a date for all of you to meet up this summer !

  2. Just a little windy out today...but still such a spring like day!..have a great weekend!

  3. Have not heard any birds signing here yet. The geese have been flying over though so that is a good sign that they are back. It was spitting snow off and on all day today. Three more days Cindy Bee, three more days!

  4. Robins are good for the soul this time of year. Saw several of them this week. I can't wait to spring ahead tonight! That's another good sign.
    Thanks for all the interesting info on bee keeping but I'll leave that too you. BUT I'll still plant some good smelling/looking plants for the bees this summer.

    Sounds like you have to find a better spot for your yarn....haha

    Chickens are messy....icky...Get an alpaca! Yes that's can use their fur to knit with. We saw a lovely alpaca farm in Oregon once and their 'fur' was so darn soft....just beautiful!

  5. Hi Wanda - We'll try to make the meeting happen. I have no idea what my summer will be like this year. It will be different than any I've ever had. I will be moving to a new home in the country, the Good Lord willing. I will also not be working for the first time in my life since I've been 16. AT least not working a money paying job. It'll be weird.

    Thanks Ronda - you have a good day. It's supposed to get warmer today. I just wish the sun would shine.

    Brenda - it's supposed to be 57 degrees here Tuesday!!!

    Hi Jul - You're right! Robins are good for the soul. I didn't hear one this morning but I was sleeping pretty hard after helpin my Shug yesterday out at the house.

    An alpaca? Rreally? They're not messy? hmmm, there is an alpaca farm not too far from here....

    I think I'll wait to get any animals until I find out if I can find someone to take care of them while I'm off on some vacation somewhere. I NEED a vacay!

    Cindy Bee


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