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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Scones and Granny's

So yesterday morning...Mrs. Susie B dropped by my house, totally unplanned, and gave me a scone. She had a free one coming to her from Panera, and thought I might like it! HOW NICE, my Ma would say, in her sarcastic mode because I got the treat and she didn't! And it got me to thinking about moving to the country. I am going to miss my house in town folks. I am. People stop by anytime, just walk in and yell "anyone home" and we are close to everything. Our neighborhood is the greatest. I know all of my neighbors. And I wonder if Susie would just stop by if I live 20 minutes away... And it got me to thinking about moving...and sometimes when I spend so much time at home, I need to go have a look at where we'll be moving to. So I went for a walk out there... Susie gonna bring me a scone when I move out here? It was cold out, 34 degrees, so I didn't walk long. This goose and I caught each other off guard and she is nesting there, so I left. It is beautiful out here. I'll adjust. And since most of you "weaned out" (read...too afraid to tell me the truth about the stuff I'm trying to decide on keeping or not) I won't even ask your opinions on this stuff....

but I will say...

I never realized...

I have so much

fake greenery!

RJ & Scribe....My Mom made this wreath and I'm keeping it. I knitted the bow out of raffia.

I put the little empty nest there...need to find some eggs and birds for it....

Last night I went to the Granny Bee stitchery group and the hostess was in a ....hmmm....some what of a snappy mood you might say. First of all, I had to make sure I was at her house and not the Wal-Mart. I don't think she was really into us coming over when she answered the door in her pj's.

And you can tell by her stance that she didn't care if you did care about her being in her pj's! Lawsamercy...what's the world coming to?

When someone asked her if she would move the chocolate off of the coffee table she said, "No, I don't move it for my grand kids and I'm not moving it for you!" Alrighty then! By the way - she's a neighbor!

Now, remember my felting friend Leslie and her cute little sheep. Well, this is Mr. Drummond. Isn't he adorable?

She felted him. And when Mr. Drummond started walking towards me, because I think he likes me better and wanted to go home with me....

she snatched him up!

We had our moods last night, I tell ya. You shoulda seen RJ trying to knit. If she held those needles any tighter they were gonna snap in two! Or would that be four? Anyhoo, twas a nice evening, but I think I'll just go have a tea and a scone and relax a bit.

See ya..

Cindy Bee

What? You still here? Ok then.....don't wean out on me this time....tell me, what do you think of this?

It's a granny I made, and I'm thinking of turning it into a purse. RJ has a purse/bag that I like. I covet it actually. So, I thought I'd make one. Well I got to looking at my yarn stash. I don't want to buy more yarn, and I thought I needed something beachy. Whatev...I can't help it, I'm sick of winter and into beachy. This looks beachy to what do you think. Do you like it? I actually bought this yarn to make a bag. The pattern came with the yarn, but I like granny's better right now. Do you think it will make a nice bag? I'll probably have nine squares on each side....oh I'll just show you when I get it done. I'm making it. I'm into granny squares...All of a sudden, I am.

Cindy Bee


  1. I was thinking about you last night, as i ripped out another knitting mess. I tried to put myself in your shoes for a minute. I was thinking of why the moving thing is kinda getting to you a little.....
    I know your excitment is muffled a bit by uncertainty. Things are weird right now in the world, and just life in general.
    There is a little bit of the unknown there, and you are used to your safe little greenery filled cacoon....right?
    Remember what The Queen Bee said last night? ....Ya gotta live your dreams when your young and able....No use waiting.....
    Your new house is you and your husbands dream...together.....It is a small little heaven out there....You are going to have fun. Once you do it , you might glance back once in awhile, but after awhile you wont even think of it . You will be happy as a bee in the spring........hehe

  2. I have found that since we moved away from everyone we know that the people who I really enjoy still stop in often...and those who we would rather not pop in all the time stay away! It's nice!!

  3. yuuuummy that scone looks tasty! I like the hydrangea keep those too!! I love the colors of that granny square. I thought when I saw it it was going to be the first piece of the blanket you our making from the picture in the magazine. ok so a bag it sure is pretty!!

  4. Cindy Bee,
    Your friend Reality Jane makes a great comment and I agree with her. She seems like a jewel of a friend. (Unless she's the one stopping over unannounced and boxing up your stuff - haha)

    The granny square and colors are beautiful. I can't wait to see your finished product.

    Here's to all the people that stop by with a scone and think of you! and Here's to people that say 'you'll be as happy as a bee in spring". So cute!

  5. I think it looks very beachy and will look forward to seeing it finished, the bag that is. I moved an hour away from my friends and they still come see me but just not as often. I am adjusting, it is an adjustment.

  6. Love your place in the country. Too bad about the class but it's done and over with. I really do like your little granny and think a bag would be cute.

  7. WOW RJ... that was... ahem... deep. Quite thoughtful and made me a little verkelempt!

    Bee L., You are so nice and kind... plastic green things and all. Just think... you will be surrounded by so much nature and green things that you won't need synthetic plants to make you feel one with nature!

    You are blessed... and I am blessed to know you!

  8. Well I have to tell you all, thank you for your comments.
    RJ - so serious...and that queen bee doesn't know everything....(snicker) but you are right. I am safe here in my greenery filled cocoon. And just a bit lazy and complacent. Just going about my days, doing whatever...but never making progress. But lookout. I'm gonna get busy!
    Vintage Farmhouse - he he... I never thought of it that way....
    Wanda - it WAS yummy.
    Jul - RJ & Scribe are the ones making me get rid of stuff. I think people are taking me wrong though. I was just teasing in my blog. I NEED to get rid of stuff. They are helping me. I feel blessed to have both of them, and all of you, in my life. It helps to see other peoples opinions, whether we follow their advice or not.
    Brenda - I'm sure I'll adjust too.
    Clara - Thanks. The class was really just a stitchery meeting and I was just teasing Kathy, our hostess. She's a nice lady and we all had fun teasing her.
    Scribe - that was deep wasn't it? She's been thinking a lot lately, me thinks! What a great thing YOU said too. I WILL be surrounded by green. I won't need the synthetics. I'm blessed to know you too. awwww.

    Cindy Bee


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