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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crafty stuff and other ramblings...

Remember a couple of weeks ago I was telling you about Helen, who passed away, who was a Granny Bee (Stitchery Group member) and I said she was THE BEST STITCHER and she could do it all. Well, we had a Granny Bee meeting last night and we were asked to bring something we have of hers. Here are a couple of her show and tell items.


needle keeper book

covered notebooks. Our group is working on doing something in Helen's memory.
And these...

are flowers that the Scribe made and gave to me! CUTE! I'm thinking about putting them on this purse I made, which is pink can see it in the pic but I'm not going to show you the whole thing until it's finished. The flowers were not the original plan for the purse, so now I'm trying to decide, go with the original plan or use the flowers.....

This is the back side of the purse. I bought these squares at an auction last year and am using them for a pocket.

Some of you have heard about the huge bag of acrylic yarn that was given to me. Well, yesterday a neighbor called me asking if I had any scraps of yarn that she could use for this little group of girls that come to her house on Wednesday evenings.

"I sure do!", I say.

BYE BYE acrylic yarn. To everything there is a purpose.

This is one of my favorite magazines. I wish I knew they were doing an article on lampshades...

especially on re-purposing old stuff to make lamp shades, because

my cousin Ashley made these. (I know, it doesn't belong on a bottle of Evan Williams, I just stuck it there and it was cute. That came from a whiskey tour my husband and I took a couple of years ago....does whiskey go stale?)

So, anyway she has these two left and she was wondering if I knew anywhere she could sell them....

I need to get a definite price on them.
Aren't they cute?
So, back to Mary Jane's farm magazine, they also have an article on keeping chickens for pets. And I have to admit, they are so cute at Rural King right now that I have avoided going there, lest I cave. I even have an antique baby bed tucked away in the attic somewhere, which is what they use for a cage! (BTW-do not buy chickens for pets for Easter gifts. Get a chocolate bunny instead)
I wonder what these guys would think about have chickens for a sister? They are waiting for the boys to walk in the door here (and for all you blogettes giving me grief for watching boys taller than me....I know I know...But I don't really watch them. They just come here every day because the dogs like to play with them! That, and they need transportation getting places while their parents work.)
And this is an afghan that I have been working on for a few months. One of those wip's...
that I put up, get out, get tired of it, put up.....So, last night I decided to take it with me to the Granny Bee meeting and work on it there. We get together a couple of times a month and bring stuff to work on.

I keep it in this bag. Marilyn and I were sitting at the table, and luckily no one else was there at the time. I pulled out my white yarn and wondered what was on it. I smell smell. It's dry...and she asks if I might have spilled coffee on it. Maybe, but I haven't had it out in a long time and I don't remember spilling coffee on it.

Then, when the home owner let her dog out of it's cage, the dog ran straight to my bag of yarn and would NOT stop sniffing. Not even for a treat. Marilyn has two dogs, and we both look at each other...we both knew.... and I was (still am) SO MAD. Marilyn, of course, couldn't stop laughing.

Next time I'm getting chickens.

Cindy Bee


  1. It looked like pee to me. Whens is the next meeting. I probably should come to the Granny Bee meeting.

    P.s I love Dixie

  2. I think the other one peed on your yarn

  3. Whiskey never goes bad - its great as a medicinal..;)

    Im sorry at the loss of your very artistic creative friend - her work is wonderful and what a legacy !

    And as far as the knitting bag and yarn? you have good friends :)...teehee I wonder how many checked their bags afterwards indiscretly lol

  4. Wow Helen's needle work is wonderful. What a wonderful keepsake for those that have something she had made. I put a picture of the new MaryJane's on my post a couple of days ago also. Your such a copycat...Just kidding, we are just kindred spirits that is all there is to it. You keep the bees and I'll keep the hens.

  5. Love Helen's stuff. Love. It.

    Yes... most certainly a pee squirt on your yarn. Ruh-Roh.

    Mandy wants to be a Granny Bee. Ahem. I do not. No offense... I will gaze from afar... you all do lovely work. I am a Nanny Wasp. ahem.

  6. RJ - I'm sure it was Winston. Bad dog. I'll NEVER NEVER Ever have another male dog in my house. I never had this problem with female dogs...which just goes to show...nevermind.

    Granny Bees meet on Wednesday - this coming. But NOTARO talked about going somewhere on a field trip. So, better let her know you wanna be a bee.

    Go West - Thanks for the idea..using whiskey as a medicinal...seems like I put it in something when I cooked, but can't remember what? OH yeah - BBQ sauce. I couldn't remember because it's been a crappy winter and we haven't grilled in awhile. I add honey and whisky to plain BBQ sauce. Yeah - I have 'good' friends.

    Brenda - I AM a copy cat. And just wait until you see the cute pics of the chicks from R.K. Ohhh, I want one so bad. I really want a duck. I do I do I do

    Scribe - You are NOT going to be a Nanny Wasp. Wasps EAT Bees for lunch. You'll'll take awhile...but you will :)

  7. What a nice tribute to your friend and what a great group to be in. Sorry, I think I know what that stain is on the yarn too.

  8. You know I have seen the neck ties thing like that made into a skirt it was kinda cool! I like it as a shade too.

    Bad dog NO! bad dog

  9. I am over the moon in L O V E with those pin cushions!!! My screen was scrolled up I missed it the first go round. OMG! love love love. I didn't know that is what they were when I saw them I was just like wow those are gorgeous! I would set them out to be seen I can't imagine abusing them with pins =0


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