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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WWW-Day 2

Following are pictures of Day 2 of the Winter Woolen Workshop. This is where it is held.

It's the Seiberling Mansion, and happens to be where my Shug and I got married.

And below is the Elliot House, which is right next door to the mansion.

Another view of the Elliot House. You can imagine the history behind these two places, but I'm not going to get into that now.

These ladies are taking a needle felting class. Needle felting is one of the least expensive crafts you can do and it really adds a lot of depth to a project.

Usually people start out needle felting flowers and such, but this lady decided to do a picture of her dog! You use a specific type of needle, that costs $1.75 from Beth's Main Street Folk Art, and you buy some wool roving, and you can needle felt on almost anything. These ladies are felting on little bags/purses, that were made from sweaters.

This is Leslie, and she is needle felting roving into a lamb.

Earlier that day Leslie punched me in the arm! I happened to have coffee in my hand and she burnt me really bad.....ok, I'm exaggerating...but she felt kinda bad I think because

she gave me the lamb! I named him Java.

This lady owns an alpaca farm and she was spinning alpaca the entire weekend while selling her wares she made out of her yarn.

More stuff for sale.

Quilting materials
And I thought I'd show you some of the stuff I bought, and didn't need!

This is an old linen tablecloth (I think) I love the way old linen feels, and I'm hoping to make something out of it at some point. Don't know what yet. I'd love to make a cami or shirt or something, but I am not a good seamstress when it comes to clothes.

I bought this cute little suitcase. I have an addiction to things like that and it was only 12 bills. I also bought some old quilt square for a dollar each. I thought they'd make nice pincushions.

This book was designed by Alli Strebal, who had a booth at our workshop. It has all kinds of stitchery ideas in it.

Wool mittens that someone in our group made and sewed beads on them.

Easter egg made out of wool. I want to make some of these to decorate our house for Easter. I usually have a big shindig at Easter with out family, and I'm getting all kinds of crafty ideas for ways to decorate.
There was a lady there with a booth and she had all kinds of stationary type stuff that looked really old. She came up to me and gave me this piece of paper with the bee on it and said, "I heard you are a beekeeper so I wanted to give this to you. I'm a beekeeper too!" Who knew? And I had talked to her several times the day before. We will be staying in touch I think.
And speaking of "in touch" here's another story for you. I saved this for the end, even though it's the most important, and happened at the see, on Friday evening we lost one of our Granny Bees. Her name was Helen Kelley and boy could she stitch. She did the most intricate work with beads and such. Everything she did was beautiful. We got a call on Friday evening that she had passed away. I didn't get to know Helen very well, but I can tell you that she was well respected and loved by a lot of people. Tonight (Tuesday) we are all going to attend her memorial service. I thought it was fitting, and of course it was unplanned, that the local newspaper had an article on the Winter Woolen Workshop on the front page on Monday, and when you turned the page over, you saw this...

They even talked about the Granny Bee Stitchery Group in her obituary. She would have attended the WWW this weekend, and she even had some of her stuff for sale. If you want to learn more about Helen, check out Beth Notaro's blog (listed in my side bar) and Scribe Vibe's blog.
Cindy Bee


  1. You bought some really neat things. I would have picked up anyone of those things myself. Sorry to hear about your Granny Bee friends. My middle daughter has been making little felted animals. I just bought her some alpaca roving last weekend.

  2. Well I'll start with sorry for such a big loss in the world of stitchery.

    Seiberling Mansion - wowzers what a place! Must have been a hoot everyone looks like they were having the best time learning and shopping.

    Java is the cutest little lamb so glad you two got to meet how cool was that!?!

    Great post today~

  3. Those are some serious crafters you meet. But, it did look like a great time. You lucky gal.

  4. What a nice group in a beautiful setting. Little Java is so cute.


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