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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Crafty Sister

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Leslie made me the sheep on the right. I posted about it here.

Well, a few days later, my Mom handed me a bag and said, "here is the stuff you wanted me to pick up for you at World Market, and there's something in there for you from your sister. She made it." Now folks, my Sister CAN be crafty. I taught her to knit one morning and she took to it pretty quickly. She was going to make lap quilts for people in nursing homes, and a dog coat for her friend's dog. After not finishing the dishcloth in about six months time, she gave the needles and yarn back to me. But she has made some things. She's like our Mom in that area. She doesn't shop in a basement like I do (blushing). She just buys what she needs to do a particular project, and that's that. No material or yarn piles for her. She does have a scrapbooking pile though. And last year at Easter, she did all kinds of crafty dessert stuff. So when I pulled this sheep on the left out of the bag, I thought.....Theresa made this? hmmm, how nice of her.

I even told my husband it's a sign that we need to get some sheep since people are making them for me all of a sudden! Anyway, I called her up and I was asking her all kinds of questions. She claims she went to Conner Prairie and they were giving a felting class. I tried to talk her into coming to a Granny Bee workshop because we have lots of felting projects. She had plans. (she always does!) There's another workshop on April 16, by the way.

Then one day when Dad and I were having lunch together, he made a comment about the whole sheep story being funny.

"What was funny about it?"

"Oh.. you don't know?"

"Know what?"

"She bought that at World Market and told your Mom to give it to you and tell you she made it."

I called her up and started singing the little "Liar Liar Pants on Fire" ditty.

Then in my post of craftyness, my blog stalker Sister wants to know why I didn't mention the little sheep she made me. it is. First comment she ever left by the way.

Cindy Bee


  1. I was gonna say............... hehehe

  2. Well, it's really cute whoever made it! Sisters are like that... crafty! Loved my visit at your blog this morning..

  3. OH gosh that is funny. And so like something one of my 2 sisters would do. Cracker Barrel is their place of choice. LOL

  4. Oh that was a good on! My sister just spies and never leaves a comment. I am not sure she even looks at my blog anymore.

  5. Id come to the felting class if I thought that I could get there in time! And get home again in time for dinner....

    Hi Cindy, been missing you all (explanation post on my blog,).
    Still been reading your posts - oh, by the way, I think you need to get some sheep....


  6. I like that story. I make my sisters look at my blog - if they ask me "how's things?". yes we are all crafty - us women!

  7. Oh, I got me some sisters too...we do the "mom loves me best" for quite a few years now.

    The best comeback to date has been ~ "oh, but didnt mom give you some fun money for shoppp...?? oh wait a minute, I wasnt suppose to say anything...never mind."

    then just smile sweetly.

    Of course shes passed on now, but that hasnt stopped any of us lol


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