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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Geesh, I've been trying to finish this post for two days. Since the weather has turned so nice here, I've been painting the garage in our new house.

So, some of you might remember this post. I predicted that spring would be here May 15. (whoops - sorry Beth - you are right, I said March 15 - not May 15) Well, me and P. Phil the groundhog predicted it. And guess what 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning (today) it's already 40 degrees!'s gonna get up to 70 today. Oh I had doubters. Brenda was actually going to "hunt me down" if I was wrong! And NOTARO (say like a curse word) was saying, quite frequently I might add, how the weather is so unpredictable in March....the almanac says.....we always have bad weather during sectionals....BLAH..BLAH..and BLAH. And I can't remember....did a little Blog Stalker who happens to work at the Extension office, believe me or not. I remember that she mentioned it...hmmmm......

Took these pics yesterday....

Signs of spring...

A fly in the window! Haven't seen a fly all winter. Yes it's real.

We've got GREEN popping through the ground.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

The bees are happy!

The dog poop needs cleaned up!

This is one of my honeybees...on my crocus.

I bet the rest of my crocus bloom today.
Did I mention it's going to hit 70 degrees?
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone.
Cindy Bee
PS - Please continue to pray for my cousin and his wife in Japan. The last I heard, his ship is going into Japan to help them. But today on the news they said President O'Bama is getting all of the Americans out of Japan because of the radiation threat. I don't know if that includes military. And if it does, does it include Akemi? Is she an American citizen? And then there is all of her family......all you can do is pray


  1. YAYYYYY for Spring! Seriously it's about darned time!
    Keeping you family in our prayers here!

  2. Bout time huh??? I love green coming up outa the ground.

  3. Spring and then comes the PANIC....where do I start? There's so much to do inside (spring cleaning) and so much to do outside plus everything else we all do. No time for crochet!

  4. Everything looks so happpy Cindy! Even that fly! 70 degrees is perfect. Thank you for letting us know about your cousin. xo Caroline

  5. Hey I thought you said March 15th,...just saying...

  6. Don't you just love that we can actually get outside again. Please don't worry I've been playing hookie from blog-land this week too. Let's get out and enjoy it while we can. It's been a long long winter.


  7. were right after all about Spring.
    I had fun last night ....thanks for the ride.

  8. Oh, Cindy, I'm so happy you're getting some spring there!!
    I'm praying for your family.

  9. Cindy, Cindy, I will never doubt you again. It was chilly yesterday but it got up to 60 something here today. The only problem is that we still have piles of snow. There was so much it is going to take days before it all disappears. I was getting use to driving on the bare roads again, but when I left for work yesterday morning I was a little to sure of myself and hit an icy spot a few yards from my drive and ended up in the neighbors front yard inches from a tree. I have yet to get use to the road I live on after 3 years. The woods on either side keep the sun from thawing out the dew and moisture from the fog in the mornings. I was creeping this morning until I got to the main road. I will keep your family in my prayers also.

  10. Cindy, We have the same weather today. So here's the plan.

    I'm home, and Matt is working from home (he actually works too). So @ 5pm on the dot, he shuts the computer, we go for a nice hike with Violet. and THEN, we are going to Main Street to get a Pizza and sit outside to enjoy. We'll get Miss V a chicken and rice routine maybe a bully stick and hopefully we'll get thru dinner - out in public and outside. This is my take the hound everywhere we can.

    Sounds good doesn't it~!

    I'm still praying....

  11. Seriously, Cindy Bee?? Did you have to post that dog poop picture? Ha-ha!

  12. Vintage girl - Yes it is about darned time!

    Hookin it - I love the green too. Spring is my favorite season. Always has been.

    Clara - you're right. And I'm stressin right now because I want to get into my beehives, I'm trying to keep a little bit of a social life going, my house is a WRECK BIG-TIME, and I am helping my husband build a house so we can move. Can you say CRAZY WOMAN?

    Granny Bee - I did say March 15 and if you watched the weatherman that morning he said, if it were colder outside all of this rain we are getting would be an ice storm. And I also mentioned that I had been trying to get this post ready for two days. You can see by the date that I started it on the 16th, but it didn't get posted till the BACK OFF!!! OK - I feel better now....

    Garden Bell - I do love that we can get outside again, with no wool coats, mittens, hats, boots - Love spring weather!

    RJ - Thank you :) Did you see what NOTARO she just can't admit I was right! You're welcome.

    Thanks Rebekah. I hope you post about the coming full moon.

    Brenda - Drive safe! That snow will be melting soon. I don't think I'd want to live any further north than I do. I see a bit of snow here and there and I just look away!

    Jul - Sounds like a great plan and twould be a good post. I hope Violet behaves. My dogs...I wouldn't even try it! Enjoy.

    Seriously PS - I had to!

    Cindy Bee


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