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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teng's Birthday and FAT Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday Blogettes and Blog Stalkers. (I keep finding out I have more blog stalkers than I thought possible. Blog Stalkers are peeps that read your blog, and you'd never know it but when you talk to them about something they say, Oh yeah, I read that on your blog.)

As most of you know, I watch two boys. The older one had a birthday just in time for Fat Tuesday! His birthday was actually yesterday. So I had a double excuse for eating these.....

which is why I ate two of them.

And here's Teng. Isn't he adorable? Always wanting to help out in the yard (NOT)

Only this is really him. He's 14.... When did this happen?

Teng searching for his gift. I've hidden it since he was a little guy. Just something that happened one time and we still do it. I guess it's tradition.

and this...
When did this happen?

My heart is breaking folks....

I just realized yesterday, when Mom said, "he's 14 now" that he actually turns older when he has a birthday!

When did they go from this....
to this.
{sigh} back to FAT Tuesday....
which brings up the subject of lent. And growing up Catholic, we always gave something up for lent. But now I understand you don't have to actually give something up, you can commit to something, like not getting any more dogs, or not cleaning the house (kidding) or walking every day, or doing daily devotions. Something to make your life better.
And since I had a sickly winter, I need to do something so I can be healthier. My Sister keeps telling me to eat my berries....I tell her I have been eating my berries! I have. I've eaten more pomegranates this year than ever. And blueberries (on french toast, but still). So she said to try some Green Goodness. So, in an effort to feel better, and live as long as this guy....who happens to be my 80something year old diabetic uncle

(this was in the Logansport, IN paper, where he lives. He gave up smoking and drinking when he found out he was diabetic. Now he probably eats berries and drinks Green Goodness)
I've decided to eat healthier.
So I bought some green goodness, and I ordered some apples from the organic food coop I used to be in....I guess I'm still in it. (and if you local people want to try it, let me know)
Sister...Seriously? Do you know how GREEN this is?

I'm gonna save it for St. Patrick's Day. I'll have it the morning after the green beer!
Good thing I bought this for a back-up.

But I did eat my apple today.

They taste so much better than the ones in the grocery store...but not quite as good as growing your own (more on that later)
So, for lent, I need to do something to make my life healthier. I need something specific so I can actually focus on it. What's it gonna be? Are you doing anything for lent? Lemme know.....
Since today is Fat Tuesday....
Let's celebrate!

Cindy Bee
P.S. Since it's been awhile I thought I'd let you know, I updated the house blog.


  1. LOL I saw that photo of the Hershey Bar and my first thought that ticked across my forehead was, " Ohhhhh, Noooooooo!! " Too funny!

  2. Flax flakes.....seriously. I'm not sure exactly what they are called but it is an organic cereal I buy with flax in it. They are kind of like corn flakes but tastier and the bonus is that they are healthy.I eat it with hazlenut rice milk. (I have a bit of uh...lactose intolerance....) It's very sweet and makes me feel like I am having a treat instead of just cereal.

  3. Not Catholic so no have not given anything up for lent. At this point I do not have anything left that I would miss eating wise because I have already gave up the chocolate and baked goods on this diet. That sure looks like green goo. What is in it? I have had the chai's before yumm. Going to check out your house blog.

  4. Cindy Bee....After I woke up...I had so much fun today...Thx for the special gift . I am opening it in the morning. We need to do that more. Tell your Tween Happy Birthday( i do mean it)

  5. B.L.

    Can I say that those boys are so BLESSED to have you be such an enormous part of their lives... they will never forget that as long as they live... Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

    I had one of the best days ever... thanks for asking me to help you move insulation... LOVED IT!

    Here's to no WHITE flour, sugar, or rice for 40 days... YIKES... WHAT were we thinking?


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