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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Woolen Workshop - Day 1

Yesterday morning I quickly checked a couple of blogs before leaving for the Winter Woolen Workshop. I didn't have much time, but I saw a drop spindle on
so I went to her blog. I commented for her to pack that baby up and head to Kokomo. She did!

I was actually in the other mansion talking to someone that I know who is in my spinning group, and this lady was coming down the stairs (you get a full tour of the mansion while you visit the WWW) and she said, "Are you Cindy?" I looked at her and said, "yes, how did you know that?" She said, "I heard you say drop spindle to that man......." so she finishes her tour and she came over to the building I was spinning at, but first she had to shop.

She's on the left, I'm on the right.
The funny thing is, neither one of us knew each others real name. She said she was going to ask for Cindy Bee and see if anyone knew me by that name, and when I went to introduce her I called her The Suburban Settler!

So she was doing the drop spindle a completely different way than I had ever seen. It all works, but I think my way is faster....maybe not. In any case, we both learned a new way to drop spindle. Here she is practicing my way .....happy as can be....

And this is why they call it a DROP spindle. It looks like she was posing for this picture, but she wasn't. I caught her completely off guard.
I was going to set up my spinning wheel, but the room we were in is so full of stuff for sale I didn't really have a place to set it up. After reading her post yesterday morning, I thought, that's it! I'll take my drop spindle. No one is using a drop spindle anyway. Blogging is fun folks and what great ideas we get from each other.

I took a few more pictures.

of things for sale.

I gotta tell you, I like dulcimer music....but in the same room as I'm in alllllllll daaaaaaay loooonnngggggg........

Barb and Kathy were bobbing their heads to the music.....
Conversations during the day.....
"Hmmm, I wonder if I already have this book at home..."
"Oh I love that box..wish I would have seen it first...."
"can't you use cheap burlap to rug punch..."
"Oh I love this necklace..."
"oh I love that little suitcase..."
"ouch, that's a little steep for a book...but all those patterns..."
"they're going to tow that car parked in front of the driveway..."
"I love the colors of this fiber....but I have a basement full...what's one more..."
"shelf butt..."
"shelf butt, back fat, and flab around the middle..."
"You can't fix stupid..."
"you can't fix common sense either..."
"will you show her how to punch needle"
"I'm hot..."
"I'm cold..."
"I'm both..."
"I made peri-menopausal pj's..."
"will you show her how to felt"
"what's a cop doing here"
"I need chocolate..."
More to come, today's hours 11-5
Cindy Bee


  1. So cool you have met someone you 'know'. What is it that you're doing at the WWW? IS it a club you go to. Forgive the ignorant Brit here lol

    How is your neice? (was it your neice that was poorly?)Eeek so sorry if I have got it wrong.

    Take care Cindy Bee and thanks for sharing :)

  2. The Suburban Settler is also wearing something she has knit herself? I love crafty folk. I bet you still have dulcimer music dancing in your head!

  3. How much wonderful fun! Wish I could have been able to make the drive. I did have a great day with my friends though. We made it to two quilt shops, lunch and a stop at Walmart for a couple of things we each needed to pick up. Enjoy!

  4. That's very cool!!! There really should be a "Blog Barn" we could all me at some day =0)

  5. It's so neat that you met my dear friend D! She also loves gardening as much as you! I'm sure you will be fast friends! What a pleasant surprise... wish I wasn't on the schedule this weekend so I could have visited... but then again... I also wish I wasn't too puny to work or visit!

  6. Thanks again for the invite! I had such a fun time at the festival. It felt like two hours were gone in the blink of an eye. And yes--I did knit my poncho. It's one of my favorites, although it wasn't the best choice for the day. I kept almost spinning the fringe into the yarn on the spindle! Looking forward to coming up and seeing your bees, Cindy! And don't forget--somewhere down the line, I want you to guest blog for me about the tea gardens you've grown. What a neat idea!

  7. You grow TEA GARDENS? How did I not know this? I want some home grown tea! It's legal, right?

    I really need to get more hobbies than just yarn...

  8. Cindy, looks like alot of fun... I love the conversation bits...sounds like a comedy.
    How fun you met someone you 'know'!

  9. "you forgot is the coffee ready and do we have flavored creamer?" marilyn

  10. New to your blog.. Love bees and have often thought of beekeeping myself but looks hard..I am follower now and will be keeping in touch..Would have loved to go to the Woolen Workshop,, I am big fan of Sue Spargo..
    Have a good week,


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