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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Since I've hardly done a thing but lay around the last few days, I don't feel like I have anything particular to blog about. So, I'm going to ramble. I'm slowly coming back amongst the living. I've drank the liquids, took the meds, and it just took a long time to get over.

Since I don't know one single guy that reads my blog, I thought I'd share this with all of you lovelies. I've figured out why I've been having a crapola winter. I thought it was lack of sunshine. But I found out today I've just been pms'ing for three months! I was in bed coughing this morning and I thought I was about to pee my pants. Whut? At 52 it happens. You'll see. So, I go to the bathroom. WHAT....THE.... HELL - I am having a period. I haven't had one since October. I hate peri-menopause. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I haven't got to express my feelings on it for awhile so I figure it's about time. Not long ago I apologized to my Mom for being so "mean" while she was going through that stage of her life. It was 40 years ago and not as much was known about it then. One time Dad said, "well now Cindy, we think your Mom is going through the change." (say "the change" very quietly like it's a bad word) Being the menopause uneducated child I was at the age of 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 I said, "You've been saying that for years..." We now know, it takes years. So, I apologized to my Mom and you know what she said? "ooooh that's ok honey, I knew someday I'd get to get even with you!" That's my Mom.

So let's talk about the weather, since everyone else is! We endured a snow storm. I don't think our town got hit as bad as some. This was the beginning of it, but you really can't see the ice coming down unless you look really closely. Look in the street to the right of the flag.

It sounded very eerie all night long. The ice hitting the windows and the wind howling...
I took this through the window at night and it didn't turn out so well.

But this one was taken by the light by our back door and you can see it a little better. It was just pouring on us. Some of you southerners who didn't have to endure it will probably say something like...ooooh they look like little faerie twinkle lights. Don't even......

So after the storm, our back steps have turned into a small hill. And poor little Dixie Doodle has to take a running start...

And he runs and runs and runs and gets nowhere for about 30 seconds before he finally gets some traction and gets back in the house. It looks like a cartoon.

Have you ever been to Cranford? You must go. I have fallen in love with this town, and the story is set back in the 1800's. They had so little back then. A very moving part of the story is when a mother gives her son a going away gift. It's a cloth, just a small piece of material that is old and used looking, and on it she embroidered a couple of X's. She cannot spell. She was a commoner and they did not want commoner's to know how to read. She tells her son the cloth is to wipe the ink from his pen. And when she told him she had to embroider X's because she didn't know how to spell his name, he said, "No matter Ma, the X's stand for kisses." Sweet. It's a definite chick flick and you probably should watch it when you have lots of time because it's two discs long. I got it at the library.

The shawls, the bonnets, the scarves, the baskets, the simpleness of it all...And who doesn't love Judi Densch? I think she just has this peaceful look about her.

(jeez loueez I'm sitting here teary eyed because Laura Ingalls sold her pony to mean Nellie so she could buy her Ma a stove for Christmas.. Give me a break I've seen it before....This is just what I'm talking about with this whole menopause thing. I just want to pinch someone's head off, or cry!)

So let's talk about chai tea. I don't care for it. But I like this. And it was good while I was sick, and it warmed me up.

So did these hand warmers, which I did NOT make. But I'm trying to make a pair. I'm back in the crocheting mood again! And I actually have one hand warmer done, but I'm concerned that the pair are not going to match because I don't have a pattern. I'm what? They don't have to match.

Now these beautiful flowers.....the manager at Kroger must have known I was going to get sick
and would need cheering up. Or maybe I had that crazed look in my eyes, because he wanted me to have these

for the rock bottom price of 4.99! See the green spirally flower in the first picture. That is called "Bells of Ireland." I've grown them before. Have any of you been to Ireland? I want to go there someday. I don't even think I have an Ireland blogger friend, do I? I need one. I've heard it's beautiful. Isn't that where they go to the tavern for a dram? I can't wait until I feel better....maybe I'll have a dram....better yet, I can't wait for a hot summer day....then I'll have a dram, on the porch, in the sunshine....aaaahhhhhhh...I can just feel it.....
Cindy Bee


  1. Oh Cindy Bee I'm with ya. Not liking all this snow. I posted some pictures of our today also. I wrote down the movie although our library is the pits and probably will not have it. I use to be able to order books on CD and how to books I wanted to check out before thinking of buying them to come in from other libraries. Now they will not even do that. They have this wonderful new building and 1/2 is children's which of coarse is fine with me but the adult half never gets anything new. Maybe I can find it on NetFlix. My mothers family is Irish and I have always wanted to go. Maybe we should save our pennies and pick a date 10 years from now. Hubs does not go anywhere and just says go with your friends. Glad you are feeling better! Have a good night.

  2. Cindy,
    I'm glad you had a 'moment' with your mom. It helps with 'understanding' haha

    I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE period movies (like the Cranford - not the other - haha) Anything with Emma Thompson and an empire waist line and I'm hooked! I don't see them on TV anymore...I think the Liftetime channel used to show stories like that. Now, they only run shows like '101 ways to kill your husband'. Don't care for those storied...unless it's real life - then I'm glued to the TV.

    Your Doodles are just so cute. Violet is loving the snow. I love when she sticks her snoot in the snow, pulls away fast and says hmph! cracks me up.

    I hope the flowers cheer you up. They're beautiful.

    Keep getting better! Snuggle in.

  3. Hi Cindy.. glad to hear your doing better and I wont say the snow looks like fairy lights. We are expecting flurries lol tomorrow and friday.. 1-3 inches are supposed to stick for how ever long. a novelty and everyone is going nuts about it. Then of course those lovely rolling blackouts we had all day and may again tomorrow and friday..jeez, crazy when the powers that be can't protect water pipes in those big plants so they wont freeze.and so 2 major pwer plants did not work today so texas had loads of outages hence forth the rolling blackouts.. nuts ... anyhow hope your all better real soon. hugs Birgit

  4. oh gosh glad you are feeling better!!! and the arm warmers they don't have to match. i have some and i LOVE mine!!!

  5. Glad you're feeling better! And yea, menopause of any kind sux!! I don't have periods anymore (had a hysterectomy when I was 24) but the peeing when you sneeze, cough, the pits. I think mine started when I was 51. :o(

  6. Hi Brenda,
    I must say, we have had our share of snow. That's too bad about your library. I can't believe they don't do interlibrary loans. Our library was remodeled last year and you can tell someone who has no thought for the elderly did it. Some people have no common sense. Good idea about Ireland!

    I was laughing when I read your comment about "period movies." Good thing you clarified! funny. I like them too. And I like the BBC movies. It's a winter thing. I watch some of them every single winter. One of the movies I like to watch is Enchanted April. You might like it too.

    I saw on the news this morning that you guys might get some snow. Good for you! I hope you all enjoy it! Are you sure you want to move back here? Will your Mom be moving with you? I was just wondering that the other day.

    I'm getting there. I'm still coughing a lot but the fever broke. I think the hand warmers are turning out just fine. They're not exact, but oh well...

  7. Hookin it - I've been thinking about you! I probably hould have had a hysterectomy...who knows... there are pros and cons to all of it. Funny thing. I always thought I'd just get older and quit having periods and that was that. I never ever ever ever knew about all of the other CRAP that goes along with it.


  8. Cindy, Honey, Don't I know it! The hot flashes are what are doing me in! Hey, for someone without anything to blog about, you done GREAT! I have almost that same bouquet on my table. Lovely! And KILLER hand warmers. You have the coolest winter stuff!!

  9. Hi Rebekah,

    I just started the hot flashes not long ago. I don't have them too often, thank God, because I have everything else you can think of. The handwarmers came from the same place as the boots. Did you ever get a pair?

    Cindy Bee

  10. You know that I am never offended with uterus and bladder talk... I don't remember if I told you last week about punishing my boys for saying "douche-bag" by telling them what a douche bag is and what it's used for?

    Girl parts are job security for me.. but not in a nasty way... but a healthy, birthing babies, ta-ta health, hormonal and cervial health sort of way... I think its great when a woman isn't ashamed to talk about her unmentionable health... it's important!

    My sources are in talks of another super storm... comparisons to the blizzard of 78 were mentioned... but all I can say is that they are still in "talks" and my secret people won't make an official statement as of yet. They did say, in regards to last week... that if we would have had snow instead of sleet... we would have had more than 12 inches... God was looking out over our little town :)

    Glad you are feeling better... influenza is going around... I have a feeling you and your shug had it... (I love how you call him Shug... my Nan called my Grampa "Shuga)

  11. I'm now looking back at menopause and laughing that it's over and you'll be able to do the same.
    Just think about it in that way that each flash is a step closer to it being over. It's a process that does take a little time but knowing everyone else goes through it helps a bit.


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