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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet Winston and Dixie

Meet Winston, and Dixie. They are both boys and yes I know Dixie is a girl name, but my nieces wanted to name him Winn Dixie, after the movie, and I let them. They call him Winn Dixie, I call him Dixie Doodle. He doesn't mind. And...he doesn't... mind. And if you haven't seen the movie, get it and watch it. It's adorable. I LOVE IT.
Some of you have heard these stories, so I'll make them brief. These dogs were rescued. Dixie was found in a park near our house by a neighbor. Our neighbor had seen him three days in a row, he was extremely skinny (the dog, not the neighbor), full of fleas (even coming in and out of his nose), and he was missing a LOT of hair. I don't think I have any pics of him in that condition, but as you can see, he is in good health now. My neighbor gave the dog to me. I'm a sucker and everyone knows it. That was in October. In December I got a phone call from an acquaintance of mine who just happened to be in Florida. She got a call from the Humane Society (she's a board member) that they got a Welsh Terrier in and she wanted me to go look at it. I said no at first, since I just got a dog, but she was upset because she didn't want anything bad to happen to it. I really didn't need another dog but in the end I thought....what's one more! (right Rebekah) And there is the fact that I'm a sucker and everyone knows it.
Now, what you see in the above photo are two cute dogs. I hear it all the time. They are sooo cute. Your household must be so fun.....What you cannot HEAR in that photo is the Welsh growling at me because I'm eating breakfast and he wants it. It's something he just started dong three days ago. Trying to intimidate me. It's not working. My Shug just cannot believe the stories I tell him. He sees this...
and this....
Not this....

when I just had Dixie....the most trouble he got into was an accident on the floor now and then. But now......

I even confided in a blogger friend a week or so ago that I was going to get rid of the older dog. I was sick, and these dogs are always into something...unless they are sleeping....revving up for their next adventure.
But my Shug loves the older one....why? Because he sees this.....
Not this....

You see, this dog is VERY intelligent. Very. He got in trouble for dumping the trash over, so he started getting IN it. He needs challenges....lots of them.

And this is what is left of a rocking chair runner. Dixie did this when I was actually sitting in the chair talking on the phone. Oh...I forgot to mention, anytime I am on the phone, they start fighting. Just like two kids. If you have talked to me on the phone, YOU know this...because I always have to say "hold on please" and I have to separate them. I am not kidding.....

This is what it's supposed to look like....and it's a chair my Shug refinished. You know what my Shug said, "oh well, it gives it character." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Am I an alien in this household? In the past, my Shug would have been mad! And I was MAD!

And this is what is left of a drop spindle.

Not just any drop spindle...

It was a Navajo drop spindle. The only one I had. You see, Dixie has taken to chewing wood. Anything wood...he loves to chew it.
So, I mentioned I was sick, right? Yeah I know, a few times. I got nothing done in the last two weeks. Nothing. I told my Mom I was worried about me because even this past weekend I slept a LOT. Like 12 hours a yesterday, I was very tired in the afternoon, but decided to force myself to start cleaning up this house. It's been two weeks after all...Oh my Shug helps, but it just needs a good cleaning. So, I decided to start with the kitchen. I was working in the kitchen, and I was carrying some stuff to the basement to put in the pantry and when I came back upstairs....both dogs got yelled at. When I yelled, Winston left the room, Dixie hid.
And right at that very moment, the phone rang. It was someone asking for Cindy, the Bee Lady, they had a problem with their bees. Yeah, right, TH. It was the Queen and TH. (The Palace Post and Places Where Grace Is) They wanted to come over. Surprise visit! What the hell...why not. I needed cheering up.

Dixie hiding.

I just want to know how a dog gets dirt ON a coffee table. And this is the 2nd time this has been done.

What's one more...they are just so cute.
Cindy Bee


  1. Oh man....I have tears. I feel for you, I really do. I can sit here and laugh but I know how you feel, really. I've had three Jack Russells. Misty and PeeWee, who are both gone, and I now have their son, Leo (Mr. Lick Lick). If you've known any Jack Russells, they are just like your Winston (it's the terrier in them). They get bored really quick and will find their own excitement. Unfortunately their excitement is usually always work for you. I have a couple of posts on my MySpace that I should copy and paste on my blog about them (Pee and Misty). They were my life and salvation when I moved to GA. We put up with their antics because we love them and they do bring joy to our lives.

    I am feeling better thanks! Not 100% but getting there. I hope you are too! xoxox

  2. Oh My God! I feel your pain!
    Your rocker looks like antique rocker. When we got Bandit, he figured out a way to chew my hardwood floors! Seriously! He scraped his teeth and dug ruts into it.
    Bandit also loves to lie on my bed with his feet hanging up on the footboard. (It's a sleigh bed). It is completely ruined from hundreds, no thousands of scratches into the footboard!
    I love my dogs & cats so much. But they are exhausting me! They are completely my responsibility. Bandit wont stop peeing in the house! I got him a male wrap, but he doesnt care. I cant get him to stop & at wits end...
    sorry to ramble.. love my pups but dread the messes!

  3. Well...Cindy Bee...I cant say I didnt warn ya about that older ruffian...Winston.
    I say he is as smart as a whip and a big con artist. Remember The Sting???..mmmmmhmmmm
    Oh...he certainly does look cute all sleepy doo up on your Assistants sleeping spot, but he doesnt fool me one bit...I can see it in his eyes....
    Now that little one? Dixie....
    I would take him home if royal dog would allow it

  4. I love your dogs! You gotta take the good with the bad. Now, Cindy, I apologize about the bee story but it was my first and last revenge on the insect life experience and no bee was hurt...just stunned. I truly appreciate them in every way. Bats and birds like them too:)

  5. It is a struggle everyday isn't it. Ladybug has started getting really irritated when I go in to hubs office to give him a peck goodbye on my way out the door to work in the mornings. This is new just started a couple of months ago. She is over 2. No idea what brought this on. None at all. Is he digging in the plants and the dirt is flying or is he just knocking it over? Just keep telling yourself how darn cute they are when they are asleep!

  6. Bless your heart. I absolutely understand with my three always into something. There's one I have to watch like a hawk or there's no telling what he'll do. What a brat. I love them though...they are so cute. Ha.

  7. Your dogs made me smile Bee Lady... and you too. I wrote about it last night... ONly your photos of the pooches are better than mine... I caught them in their orneriest of times... thanks for your sweet hospitality! I had fun!

  8. Lol! Cute post! It could be sister in law got a husky.....hee hee....we told her huskies chew. She said "I'll just make sure she has plenty of chew toys" A couple of months later in their brand new house....the kitchen cabinets were torn to shreds, the linoleum (yep that's right! linoleum on the kitchen floor) was almost TOTALLY gone, parts of the carpet, AND DRYWALL. The dog some how got it's mouth around the walls and ATE them!!!!

  9. I mostly only take my shawls to the movies. They are perfect for something like that. Or if I went to church, I would probably take one to wear in case I got cold. So I guess the answer is, yes, I would wear them...just not very often.

  10. Oh Cindy ... I know exactly what you feel like. We rescued two border collie pups 12 years ago and I had a nightmare with them ... but when my husband was around they were as good as gold. They stopped chewing stuff after a few years (thank goodness) but I never could stop them digging up the garden ... and houseplants were a complete disaster. The ringleader passed last year, but his sister is going strong and still wreaking havoc where she can .... but only when Dad's out!

  11. I knew there was a reason other than "we love to travel" that there are no dogs in this house today. Thank goodness, my sweet neighbor lets Sophia come over to play with me.
    Great post. Off to figure out why I can't find you for my blogroll...

  12. How funny, cute, and awful, yet cute, yet awful, yet funny.........

    I know ALL about those sort of antics.
    My Izzy thinks she has rights above her station, like, she thinks my bed is for her benefit, and my wool is for her to carry around in her gob (she is a retriever - they like to retrieve).

    Chewing wood though,,, thats a tough one.
    Maybe you need to go and get them some of those extra tough dog toys that they can chew for months on end.

    I used to frequently find pots of dirt like that..


  13. Hookin it - So glad you are feeling better. I didn't know if you had tears because you felt sorry for me or because you were laughing! Then I read on. We actually had an airedale terrier before these two. Terriers are just too darned smart. I've never had a Jack Russell, but I've been told our little guy has some JR in him. I believe it.

    Queen - You did warn me. Here's my theory. People get these cute pups, let them get by with anything because they are cute...ahem...then they get tired of their bad behavior and get rid of them. Then people like me try to rescue them. Because we are suckers!

    Brenda - You're right! They are cute when they are asleep. I have no idea about the plants, but I'm guessing whoever is doing it is digging. Otherwise it wouldn't be all over the coffee table. When my Shug kisses me good-bye in the morning, Dixie jumps on my lap and pops his head up between us.

    Pammy Sue - I saw on your blog that you have three. I don't think I could handle one more! Rebekah Teal (the City farmgirl) also has three. She sort of blamed me, because I said.."What's one more?" I found out! DOuble Trouble!

    TH - Glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm double glad my dogs made you smile. I did not appreciate their bad behavior.

    Janis - "Victoria" says to confine the dog that pees all the time in the room with you so you can keep an eye on him, and let him out often. Praise him when he's good. We (the dogs and I) watched a lot of Animal Planet when I was sick. Winston has peed on our bed twice. And my yarn. And other things. we now keep all of the doors closed to all of our rooms. And I do not let him out of my sight..much. I'd say I'd get rid of your dog...but the truth of it is...I probably wouldn't...obviously...look what I put up with.

    Vintage Farmhouse - Tell your sister to CRATE THAT DOG! I have two cages. We call it their bed (makes me feel better) and they get in them just like that (snap fingers here) Of course, I give them at treat when they do.

    Fiona - Border Collies are one of the smartest dogs you can get. They have to be constantly entertained and challenged or they get into a lot of trouble. For our airedale we would buy baseball mitts at garage sales, and put treats in the fingers of it. She'd be busy for hours.

    GB - I love to travel too, my Shug does not. You board them when you travel. Think of it as a slumber party for your doggie kids!

    Fi - They have TONS of chew toys. WHen the Queen walked in my sunroom, her first comment was look at the mess these dogs have made with all of their toys. I will put out four chew toys at a time, and they will fight over the same one.

    It's just a love-hate thing....

    Cindy Bee


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