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Monday, February 14, 2011

Look what I did!

Update Tuesday morning - My Shug came home last night and I said, "Did you see the love notes I left for you all over the place?" "No, I didn't see any love notes. Where were they?" "On the walls." "with sticky notes?" "Noooo not with sticky notes....I'll show you my blog." And he stood right beside them. It explains a lot really. He can't find anything in the kitchen and he's lived here for 16 years. {sigh}

Today I went out to our new home...and I wrote sweet lil' Valentine messages on the 'walls' for my Shug.

So when he goes out there after work, to work, he'll have lil' love messages....

We don't really exchange gifts much, simply because we have too much...

but we do try to be romantic!

I'm also making him a peach pie. His favorite.

And when I was talking to him on the phone, I told him not to get me any flowers that I got them myself! He started laughing and said, "Wait until I tell the guys at work this one." I really am romantic, but I wanted these tulips that I saw at the grocery store. So I bought them!

20 stems for 6.99!

Cindy Bee


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you.....sweet!

  2. You are so sweet to go and write the little things that count. When you mentioned about what you did as a child, getting a white paper sack to decorate for your class valentines, guess what...that is EXACTLY what I did for my kids! I think the best memories are those little ones you create, just like your messages. Happy V day!

  3. hi there, i just found you and love your bee houses! they seem nicer than most i have seen. i want to learn about bees and hopefully will be attending a class soon. your heart sentiments on your new structure is cute. there can never bee too much love. ;~)

  4. I might have missed it since I've not been on here much the last few days, but have you had the chance to check on your bee's yet? I've been anxious about it, keeping my fingers crossed that they did well this winter!
    We found a "trashcoon" (raccoon in the bottom of our trashcan) and it reminded me again to toss stuff out there for the feathered and furry friends!

  5. Hey thanks for the sweet comments. If you noticed my addendum, my Shug did not see the love notes. Jeeeez

    And thanks for asking about my bees Nicki but keep those fingers and toes crossed. It's not warm enough yet for them to come out. Maybe Thursday or Friday.


  6. I'm really hoping all goes well for the bees....really.


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