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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's talk about Indiana weather...

As many of you know, I watch two boys. I've watched them since they were very young. They are now 11 & 13 and need transportation more than they need watched. They are good kids. The youngest one went outside a couple of weeks ago and took these icicles off of our house.
He laid them out on the picnic table and there they stayed, for several days, because it was so freezing cold outside.

(excuse the dirt please, it's hard to reach up there!)
Then a warm up came last week, and they melted....very quickly....aaahhhhhhh.....warm sunshine.

But, with all of the snow we've had...everything became a mud bog.

These are a couple of pictures from our house site. To read the story of me getting my Shug's truck stuck in the mud, visit our construction story.
Then SURPRISE!!! I woke up Sunday morning and told my Shug, "it's been raining most of the night." Well folks, that wasn't rain, that was ice...little itty bitty ice pellets.
But there are signs of spring. On Sunday when I went to our house site, I was driving up the drive way very s l o w l y. Then I got out of the car but didn't go inside for awhile. My Shug was already inside wondering what I was doing.
You HAVE to click on this picture and make it bigger. You have to. You will see the most beautiful bluebird, not to be confused with a blue jay. A real bluebird. SOOOOO very blue. Soooo very beautiful. There were several of them playing around. I told my Shug I wasn't surprised, that spring is going to be here March 15. I said so, that's why. And...the whole groundhog thing.....

See the blue dot? Right in the middle of the picture.

So, yesterday the boys are out of school, it's 43 degrees outside and I decide to take them to see the Gnome movie in 3D. It's in Noblesville, about 40 minutes away. We went out to eat, then to a bookstore. My Sister and my niece Taylor join us. (Who are also all very worried about Sarah, btw) Afterwards we went out to eat to a fun little burger joint called Johnny Rockets where the waiters dance to the music. The little 'jukebox' things are on our tables and we can play music for an nickle a song. Then we went to Borders. I'm very sad they are closing several stores. I love bookstores. I love books. I love feeling the paper, and turning the pages, and looking at the pictures, and getting them autographed, and buying them at garage sales and trading with friends. I just can't See Spot, Dick or Jane on a kindle, can you? So, we went to Borders and I get a phone call. My Shug. Now, it was raining buckets all day long in Noblesville, but in Kokomo, apparently it was raining ice.

He wanted me to get home right away, and call him when I got in. I tried to get some changed from ice to snow to ice to snow all the way home. It took about 20 minutes longer than usual to get home, but the weirdest part....I've never in my life seen snowflakes so big. Can you see them? Look at this picture closely! Some of the snowflakes were the size of the palm of my hand.

This was taken through the window of the car. Look how big...

snow again.....and I hear we're going to have another storm on Thursday night. Not to worry, March 15 is right around the corner.
Other news.
Did you hear about the earthquake in New Zealand? I don't always know where my blogger friends live. Sometimes it's not listed, and sometimes I miss it, but I can't remember if one of you live in NZ or if I just notice little dots on the map at the bottom of my blog. Let us know if you're ok.
Sarah update - nothing new yet. It's 9:15 Tuesday morning and I haven't heard anything yet. Thank you so much, all of you, for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. It means more than you know.
Winston update - sigh...he's still here. Today he is driving me crazy. He wants out. So I let him out. Then he wants in. So I let him in. When he comes in he paces through three rooms crying. Then he looks at me and is crying, then he barks. So I let him out. He goes out and wants in....will someone please tell me what is going on in his dog brain?


  1. That burger joint sounds so cool! I hope Sarah is getting well. I don't know anyone in NZ :-(

  2. What a whirlwind of weather in a short period of time! I saw that little bluebird and he was beautiful. Knowing what Sarah has will help in her treatment and we'll all keep waiting for some good news.

  3. Sending healing light and prayers to Sarah.. hope she gets well real soon. Love the blue bird,, not the weather right now. Just hope whatever is coming your way is either before or after the first and second of march.. and counting. Can't believe the countdown is so close already...Birgit

  4. I swear if I weren't allergic to animals... I'd take that Winston in a heart beat... I loved him so.

    Still praying for your niece.

    The weather was crazy. I was at the doctors office and it was raining when I got there. When I left... it was icing out... not fun to drive my husband's burly truck in. Blech.

    How was the gnome movie? I wanna see it so bad! And I hate going to the movies!

  5. Cindy Bee...if your going tostart bird for sure need a zoom lens...
    The bees were supposed to be for Valentines...Why are they still here?
    I got lazy and didnt finish them in time...If you and TH are real nice to me ...I might give you one...

  6. Cafe girl - The burger joint was cool. AND free french fry refills.

    Clara - No kidding. They always say if you don't like Indiana weather, stick around a few minutes and it will change.

  7. Hey TH - I wish you weren't allergic too, although my husband is somewhat attached. Winston is looking out the windows constantly. I think he just misses Dave. The gnome movie was cute, especially in 3D. Made me wanna paint some gnomes for my yard!

    Queen - YOU! Not really didn't finish a project!!!

    That was a zoom lens! LOL!

    Cindy Bee

  8. Birgit - get used to this weather, you're gonna be living in it! Soon!

    Cindy Bee

  9. I know Cindy Bee and looking forward to it, regarding indiana weather.,,,yes its true but its worse in Houston start the day for several hours heating then turn the a/c on (forget opening windows due to humidity) then heat again at night,,, I know what indiana is like and at least you can open windows especially the spring and fall not like here where its 3 days spring and jumps to 90.....hugs and see ya all next week sometime depending on internet hookups etc...Birgit


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