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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Health & Storm Update

Thanks for all of the get well wishes. I really appreciate it. I'm still not feeling well enough to play on the computer or with yarn :-( I'm really getting tired of it but I'm feeling a little better day by day, so that's good. I don't think I've been this sick in 20 years.

I just wanted to ask for prayers of safety for those who have to go to work during this bad weather. We are having winter storms with a lot of ice, freezing rain, and snow. We had round one last night and I heard the snow trucks all night long (as I lay awake coughing) And we are getting hit by round two of the storm today, which is supposed to be a lot worse. A lot of accidents happen during this type of weather, a lot of people lose power (which translates heat) as a lot of power lines come down due to the ice being too heavy for the power lines. We also lose a lot of trees which cause other problems. I heard on the news there has been a lot of "slide-offs." (cars sliding off of the roads) but so far no accidents in our town. All schools are closed. So please add a little prayer for the safety of all of the people out in this weather.

Thanks, and thanks again for the get well wishes.



  1. Oh Bee. I pray you feel better soon... I'm not ready for the second leg of the impending apocoblizzard. I have to be at work at 10:00 tonight as House Supervisor... and that worries me much. Much. Sigh. Regardless... push the clear fluids... and rest your cold.
    Alternate tylenol and motrin... and did I say push the fluids?

    Also say a prayer for our homeless and elderly shut-ins... I worry about them so. And for all the little animals out there... especially the ones who's humans need to bring them into shelter for safe keeping.

  2. Cindy hope your on your way to recovery, Please stay safe and warm in this nasty weather you all are having. Sending prayers for all those that need to get out in this storm and the elderly and homeless. Be safe everyone this is nasty...
    Hugs Birgit

  3. Hey Cindy~ Feel better soon! Stay safe too. We got hammered in Indy. How is Kokomo?

  4. Cindy, Thinking of you! Hope you feel better soon! Stay warm and dry inside. I'll say a prayer for everyone caught in the storms!

  5. Cindy so sorry you are still under the weather. Hope you are well soon. Battening down the hatches here for the weather. Hubs said I will not be getting on the roads in the morning for work if we get what is predected. Our drive is so long I expect he could not get it plowed out until noon anyway with his little John Deere.

  6. Thought of you when I ran across this granny pattern.

  7. Hi Cindy,

    I have said some prayers for your and your neighborhood.
    Im sorry that you are still ill (I prayed for that too)

    Im looking forward to your full return to blogland.
    Missing you already,


  8. oh no i hope you feel better soon if you need anything just give me a buzz. you know how this town is the mall won't close so i will be out in it.

  9. TH - thanks for all the good advice. I saw on the news today where an elderly man (93) died in brown county due to exposure. He locked himself out of the house during the storm and decided to walk to his daughters house. She found him the next day (today) 50 feet from his door. Soooo sad. Those are the things that happen during storms like this which I hate. It just seems so senseless.

    Janis - Kokomo fared much better than Indy. You must have had just enough warmer temps so that you had rain instead of ice. The ice doesn't stick to the trees when it's coming down. I hope you and your family are all ok.

    Brenda - Did you get a day off of work? I looked up that pattern. I like it and it looks easy. I actually mess around on the Lion Brand website now and then and I get their free catalog in the mail. I like it. The one afghan that I call "sand and sea" is actually their Lakeside afghan pattern.

    Fi - Thanks for the compliment. I'm concerned about your country. It looks like the cyclone hit....and after all those floods...keep us posted.


    Thanks. That was so nice of you. And yes I do know how this town is. I think it's sad when a store values money over safety. My husband had to go to work through all of this too. Be safe.



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