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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Retro Campers & Funny Video

I want one of these retro campers. I've wanted one for years. And now I have the perfect place to park one.......Check out this blog.....

Then, scroll down to Jeanne Robertson and watch her video of how you should never send a man to the grocery store. It is hilarious!

Cindy Bee


  1. You all and your little campers obsessions... I am too tall for those cracker boxes. My feet would have to stick out the window for me to fit in one of those things.

  2. Duh....what do you think i have been talking about...

  3. I've have thought about one of those in my dreams, but always woke up wondering just where I would put it.

    Love, Love, love that video.

    Great links

  4. I have been looking for one of these myself. Our old old pop-up died a sad death a few years ago and hubs tore it down and made a hauling trailer out of it. A very nice trailer too. But I have been looking at MaryJanes magazines and other blog sites enough that I have the want of one of these little campers. Hubs has started keeping his eyes open for one also. Loved the video thanks for sending us over.

  5. Thanks for the link..really enjoyed it. Have a fun weekend.

  6. Thanks for sending folks over my way! I had no idea so many others had the same little love for these campers as I did.

    Jeanne Robertson is just a wonderful speaker if you ever get the chance go see her! in the mean time youtube til your sides hurt!!

    Thanks again Cindy for the feature =0)


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