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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Damask Designs Outing

Yesterday, I was feeling better. I woke up after sleeping for hours...and felt great!!! It's good to feel good. And my friend Teresa came over and her and I went to a sale at Damask Designs. Last July, when there was a french flea market in Tipton, we met these lovely ladies. They had a booth at the flea market
We also met Rebecca Ersfield, but she doesn't live 45 minutes away.
Damask Designs is about a 45 minute drive from Kokomo, they have this cute little store in the middle of farmville, right past Rossville, before Edna Mills-ville, and it's just a fun little outing.
And this is a bit of what is inside their shop...
aaaahhhhh....SPRING tulips.......
and here's the thing....when I walked in, Amber (the proprietor) said, "ooohhh Hi, are you feeling better?" She blogs......

and she recognized us from the last time we were at her little store....
I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of what they have for sale...

Love those frames....(I am so inspired and motivated but I'm blogging instead....)

I just put a couple of those glass jars in a garage sale pile for a "moving sale" that I want to have early summer....I'm gonna get them back out!

Now here's a little story for ya while we're looking at pics. Amber and her Sister-in-law (I think that's what she is and I didn't catch her name) were minding the store. Does anyone say that anymore? "Minding the store" or "catch her name?" Anyway, the SIL was doing something else besides minding the store, because she kept running in and out of the house. I think she was baking a cake, and she might have to share the recipe. It'd be great for V-Day since it has strawberries in it. But anyway, her cell phone kept beeping and beeping. Finally, Amber said, "I'm just gonna check her message so the cell phone will quit beeping. Don't tell on me!" So, I told her I wouldn't actually TELL on her, I'd just blog about it! But, when the SIL came back outside, Teresa said, "Hey you know what she did?!?!?!!" And I said, "I can't believe you are telling on her already!"

I dumped this big jar of letters because I wanted to spell something Valentine-y. I think they said they stole them off of telephone poles or something ;-)
Nothing was working out. Their isn't a whole alphabet in there....I guess telephone poles didn't use the whole alphabet....but we could spell fun, and I was having fun.

We couldn't spell love. Not at first. But they were so helpful...That 'L' was a 'T' and that 'O' was a 'Q' golly we're gonna spell Love come hell or high water.....or blowing snow....which it was doing on the way there yesterday. I was getting a little nervous because the snow was blowing across the highway in farmville, but Teresa and I decided if we had to spend the night in their store, we would!

I love the way they display things....

Now do you want to see what I bought?

First of all, look how they wrap stuff up. I love that too.

(BTW-they didn't really steal the telephone pole letters)
I bought some knit-cro-sheen.....
do I know how to knit or crochet with it? Absolutely NOT! But it's pink and I like it.

Do you know what these are...lurking in that cute bag (I hate to unwrap their stuff it's done up so cute!)

They are hem clips! When you have to hem something, you use these clips to make sure the hem is even. They have measurements on the clips. They thought they were old...who knows...I just like them.
You can use them to hold pictures.

or hearts...
I thought I'd use this ribbon to make my hearts into bunting, rather than crochet them together. The straight pins have pink heads on them, so I had to have them. Pink is my favorite color. So is blue. What? I can have two favorite colors if I want to.
I also bought pink twine. Why? I have no idea why. It's pink...I like it.

Then we went to JoAnn fabric and since I was in a pink mood, and Amber told me I could get pink safety pins there, we went, and I bought. Hey I haven't been out in two weeks folks, I have some catching up to do.

I also got a 5.5 crochet hook because apparently I have lost the only one I had. And if you remember a few posts back, the Queen told me to use 5.5 for my grannies. Well, I tried 5 and it was just a tad too tight, and 6 is a tad too lose. I needed a now I can get back to my grannies,

after I make more birds and motifs for the Winter Woolen Workshop.
Happy Valentine's Day
Cindy Bee
PS - Thank you to all of you who are crossing your fingers and toes for my bees to be alive. If you are a beekeeper, you know how anxious I am to find out. And this is the year I wasn't going to worry about them! ha~


  1. Hmmm...sounds fun . Thanks for the pep talk on the whole yarn scandal.
    I love apothacary jars. I love putting snow scenes in them at christmas and in the spring you can put mine Easter cute.
    Cindy Bee , I really am a decorating guru.
    Just thought you should know.
    Anyhoo I was thinking of having a Crochet Tea at the Palace one day soon. I know we want you to be there...
    Of course we will plan earlier due to your ahem....babysitting schedule ( soon to be ex babysitting schedule) Am i bad for wanting that whole babysitting thing to be over soon????

  2. Well Cindy, that was a fun shopping trip, I really enjoyed it. I can understand why you like it there. I am really hoping the bees will be fine. I've got the flu again so after a quick run out for some "sick" supplies, I'm staying put!

  3. Well that looked like a fun trip. And it is right outside my family's back doors. I need to check it out sometime when I am down. Is it on 26? Love all your pinks. Glad your back in the pink!

  4. I do hope you let me shop at your moving sale before you open the doors... I hate fighting junkers for stuff and I'm not an early bird! (lol)

    That store looks cute! Pink tulips are my favorite flower! I never had a favorite flower really... but my Nan loved violets and tulips. I took her some pink tulips to her when she was diagnosed with cancer. Mom sent the bulbs home with me after she died... but they never came back up. I'm obsessed with them now!

  5. Queen - you crack me up! I would love to join the tea, but you're right...gotta be home by 3:00. I've watched those boys since they were babies. Seriously, I helped potty train them, the youngest one took some of his first steps at my house. They are family! It is going to be very weird for me to not have a paying job of some sort. But here's the thing, I will be working my buns off on this house as soon as the weather warms up. So I'll probaby be busier. My Shug is out there waiting on me as I type! BTW-I do believe you are a decorating guru. When my husband saw a pic of you, within three seconds he said, "artsy!"

    Clara, Get well! This flu that is going around is absolutely horrible.

    Brenda - you are right! It isn't far from your family at all. It is not on 26. It's about 15 minutes from Rossville, if that. If you call Damask Designs, they will tell you how to get there. Her blog is on my side bar. They aren't open all the time so be sure to call.

    TH - Of course you can shop my garage sale early. I love early birds. Even if they are the night before. You prolly won't want a thing though. And there has to be a reason those tulips didn't come up. We need to plant you some in memory of your Nan. I have a ton in my back yard that need dug up an separated. I hope I have time to get to it before I move. I bought them on a Michigan vacation.

    Cindy Bee

  6. Thanks for the shopping trip. All that pink and tulips just reminds me winter won't last.
    Happy Valentines day!

  7. Cindy,
    That store's just darling! I'm glad you're feeling better.


  8. Jul - Happy Valentines Day to you and you're right, winter won't last. I heard it's supposed to be in the 60's by Friday!!! We are going to get spoiled.

    Peggy? Is this Pegdora? Thank you, I am feeling better. It was a rough two weeks. I hope all is well at your household.

    Cindy Bee

  9. Boy Cindy, do you like pink? :)

    Isnt that the cutest little shop. It looks like something out of a fairy story.

    I am REALLY glad to hear that you are feeling better.


  10. Well Fi it is Valentine's Day, so pink and red are the colors of the day! Pink has been my favorite color for years, until just a couple of years ago when I started using a lot of blues....the blues in the color of the it. I'm REALLY glad to be feeling better. thank you for the get well wishes.

    Cindy Bee


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