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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am blessed!

I feel so blessed. I just do. As you know, I have been stuck in the house for two weeks. On Saturday my Mom, my Sister and I decided to go out to eat and to a movie. We went to see the movie Just Go with It, with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It is the best chick flick I have seen in a long time. We laughed through the whole thing. And we had fun. And bless my Sister's heart she snuck some Ghirardelli chocolate squares into the theatre.

Then today, Sunday, My Shug asked me if I could help him at our new house. Of course, I feel good, I'd be glad to help you today. As I am driving to our house/land....look what I see...

100's of geese on our pond! For those of you that know me, you know that I'm a nature person. Nothing gets me excited more than nature. Not even yarn folks! Every time I go to our land, I find it unbelievable that we have such a place. I mean it. Every time I go there I tell my Shug, "I can't believe this is ours. I just feel so blessed. I don't understand it. Why me? Why

Then, later that day, we took a break and My Shug asked a neighbor if he could buy a bale of hay. Why? Because the deer need food. The neighbor says you can HAVE it for the deer. Blessing again folks.
So my Shug is carrying this bale of hay back by the pond & trees for the deer. He doesn't even read my blog! He doesn't know that I posted to feed the wild animals right now. Do I have the best Shug ever?
And yesterday, I got cards in the mail. Real mail that was not bills. What's going on? Real mail, like the old days! I got Valentines cards from my nieces. All three of them! I got two cards from the Master Gardener Association members. They found out I was sick and announced it at their meeting Thursday night. And then I got this card. See the farm chicks! It is from a blogger friend
Isn't that sweet that she sent me a card? I don't think I would have even thought of sending a card to a blogger friend. But here it is and she did. She is thoughtful like that. I feel like I have a whole bunch of friends out there that I've never met, yet I know some of them better than I do people I have met. Did that make sense? No matter....I am just blessed.

Thank you Brenda.

Be blessed,
Cindy Bee


  1. Awwwwww.... You are blessed! I'm glad you like nature... seeings how I'm allergic to most all of nature... I will enjoy it through you!

  2. OH TH how sad for you to be allergic to nature. I do have a hard time with poison ivy, but that's about it...I think. I will gladly share my nature with you.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Oh yes. I am allergic to most nature. Grass, hay, flowers, pollen, farmer fields... furry animals (especially bunnies)... feathered friends... even bees and all things with stingers. Sounds pathetic... but over the years, it has all worsened and I just avoid most of it.

    My dreams of living in the country are just dreams. I was blessed to live out there as a kid... sometimes it was a struggle... but so worth it to raise chickens by hand... play with horses, kitties and puppies... and make bouquets out of weeds.

    Filtered central air is keeps my lungs in decent shape... and I enjoy reading a lot of country living blogs! I visit in moderation... and try not to pet too many cats... the fluffy ones are my weakness!

  4. Hey TH - I have heard that allergies can go either way as we get older....better or worse. I would have been in bad shape growing up if I were allergic, we went to state parks and camping all the time. I think it's why I love the outdoors so much. When you come to visit I'll let you stay inside ;-)

    Cindy Bee

  5. Thanks Cindy for visiting. Yes its really happening, Office is full of boxes.. that are ready to load,I am so excited.. Wow geese already? would love to have seen those. not many of them come to Houston.gotta run..hugs Birgit
    T-14 and counting

  6. Hi Cindy, such a happy post and thanks for dropping by my neck of the woods today too. You sound like me when I first moved here from the city. I only have an acre, mind you, but that is so refreshing from living on a postage stamp sized lot in the city. I can walk out of my house in my pj's if I want and it would not be a big deal. There are signs of development across the road from me but I am still surrounded by woods. Deer, pheasants, fox, etc. and a horse ranch down my road, rivers,'s all here and I'm only about an hr. 1/2 from the major city. Jobs are sparser and wages lower but you take that in exchange for your surroundings. I'm glad you are enjoying life. I'm still under the weather with this terrible flu :( but am looking forward to better days.

  7. Cindy ...thankyou for the Birthday Greetings.
    Your Shug is so noble to be taking that hay out for his furry friends.
    Do you think that he knows that he will be carrying supplies and such out to my retro camper with the same gusto????

  8. Your welcome Cindy! I do hope we will be able to meet this coming summer on one of my trip to visit my family. I have a niece graduating this year and a nephew getting married, so there is two trips. No idea what the dates are though. Have a good week!

  9. Hi Clara,

    It sounds like you have a beautiful place. We aren't really that far out and we'll actually be closer to my husband's work place, but we did buy some acreage. I still can't believe it. Oh yeah -and I do go out in my pj's! My neighbors have seen me looking my worst. I love my neighbors, and this neighborhood. They're like family. I will miss them. I hope they come out and see us.

    Hi Queen - I'm pretty sure he does NOT know he'll be carrying stuff to your retro camper with the same gusto!! LOL...

    Brenda - I hope we can meet too. It'll be fun.

    Cindy Bee


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